I love ebooks. So much better than paper books. Because right now, in my pocket, I have hundreds of books. Just sitting. In my pocket. Also, on three other devices, just in case the batteries in my phone run low.

Hundreds of books just sitting here, waiting to be read.

Mind you, there are trade-offs. One of which is getting your books to your device. Sure, you can hang out at one vendor forever if you have the sort of vendor that magically sends the book to your device, but maybe you want to branch out! Maybe you want to find the best price!

I offer you everything I know about transferring digital books to the devices that read them:

Loading a book file can be as simple as clicking “open” or as complicated as splitting the atom. (I say that as someone who’s never split an atom, but it sounds difficult!)

Let me know if you have any problems! Drop me a line by replying to this email!