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First Do No Harm

Producing art for consumption is an interesting business. I didn't know much about publishing when I started putting out books in 2014. I was largely motivated by desperation (having a "We're cutting your hours...again" meeting with one's boss will have that effect sometimes, perhaps especially when one has a dependent human at home). I made my own covers. (They were quite possibly the literal worst.) I edited as well as I could, which I am told was adequate (variations on the theme "Doesn't have typos on every page, five stars" were among my first reviews). In short: I could manage

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Mac lingered outside the front door of the gym, smoking a cigarette and trying to look less like he was about to step inside a brothel. To work there. Having sex with people. For money. It shouldn’t really be that hard to project, since he didn’t usually spend his time waiting outside a brothel to have sex with people for money, but somehow he still felt like he was wearing a big neon sign on his forehead. He almost jumped out of his skin when the door pushed open. “Hey there. You must be the new guy. I’m Jem.” Jem

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Mac clocked out of the discount store for the last time a little after two o’clock. He had hours before the start of his first training shift on the floor, but he knew he’d get to The Gym early. He was way too keyed up not to. Plus, Jem was working a double today. Again. Mac detoured through Taco Bell and grabbed both of them lunch before heading over. It was a little frivolous to spend ahead of his paycheck, but the car had a full tank of gas and it seemed more important to find a way to thank

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The first thing that surprised Mac about weeks three and four of his training at The Gym was that it wasn’t the clients he had to worry about. “Man, I’m fucking dying here,” he panted, fighting the very real urge to vomit. “Don’t be a tiny little baby, Mac. You can do one more, and then I’ll let you cool down.” “I would kick your sorry ass right now. If I could breathe. Or see.” Travis laughed. Weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He was supposed to be doing cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but at this point he

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Real Quick!

I'm looking at dates! I'm self publishing four things in the next *counts* four months! If you're supporting me at $5+ on Patreon, y'all, that business is gonna hit your inbox a week before it's released in the wild! Two re-releases: Training Mac: 19 September (which means 12 September for $5+ Patreon folks--AKA NEXT WEEK) Teasing Mac: 17 October (which means 10 October for $5+ Patreon folks!) Two new releases: Taking Mac: 14 November (which means 7 November for $5+ Patreon folks!) Let Every New Year Find You: 12 December (which means 5 December for $5+ Patreon folks!) Just in

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Charlottesville. What the fuck.

I was gonna make a video. Then I realized the whole thing would be me yelling at white people. I may still make a video. I made a video of me yelling at white people once before and never posted it. A few folks I showed it to thought it might, y'know, offend some well intentioned people who were already hurt and afraid. I'm real damn sick of keeping my mouth shut because some tender hearted people might not want to hear about their culpability in some dark shit that's going on. Charlottesville. What the fuck. It's taken me a couple

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Updates! Ripper’s Rambles #75!

Okay, I just changed web hosts last week. Any weirdness related to pages loading or not loading should be ironed out. Shoot me a comment, tweet, FB message, or post in the Irregulars if you're having issues with the site. Thanks! I couldn't post this ramble last week in mid-nameservers shift, so here you are! Me rambling about early creative development and other stuff: https://youtu.be/2sZdqJbtfjk In other notes, I'm two chapters away from the end of MAX, the YA novel I've been writing. SO I'LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE. (Not in a Hamilton sense. Obviously. Ahem.)

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EXPOSURE – a Kith and Kin short!

Kith and Kin will be released June 20, and if you haven't checked it out, you should do so! It's here on the site, and also over at Brain Mill Press. (If you head to BMP, do preorder Liz Jacobs' Abroad, which I absolutely fucking love. Queer coming of age, all the intersectionality, beautifully interwoven storylines. BUY THAT SHIT. Er. No. It's not shit. It's wonderful. Fuck it, you know what I mean. JUST BUY IT.) Ahem. Anyway. At some point I'll make a video about the writing/revising process of K&K, which was a wild ride, but until then I shall

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Excerpt: Kith & Kin

Prologue Singer 20 days before Miles In the middle of yet another incredibly loud debate, Singer Thurman’s doorbell rang. The familiar voices continued in predictable movements of attack and retreat as he rose from his chair and answered the door. For a second–half a second–he didn’t recognize the woman on the front porch. Until he did. “Lisa?” It was as if she were somehow insubstantial, as if this image of his sister, with the forbidding dark nimbus around each eye and shoulders rounded defensively, wavered over his mental picture of Lisa as he’d last seen her: self-assured and defiant, clothes

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