Let’s Talk About Fanfiction! (Ripper’s Rambles #71)

Allllllll my thoughts. Plus a journey in a time machine back to the Mulder/Skinner porn I stumbled onto back in 1995. YOU'RE WELCOME. Topic brought to you by @lennanadams in Ripper's Irregulars! Find the Irregulars here: krisripper.com/irregulars Find me on Patreon here: patreon.com/krisripper https://youtu.be/JToxOIM5y9I

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Excerpt: Practice Makes Perfect!

THE ALLY AND PAUL BOOK AT LONG LAST! Yay! CHAPTER ONE Paul Sorensen eyed the bookstore from his parking spot and sighed. Because accessibility, as reported, was too much to ask. For the fifth time in the last hour he considered bagging out of the workshop. Except if he did that, Kamarla would never let him live it down. Signing up for the BDSM and Dating class was a last ditch effort to keep his friends from staging a long distance intervention. You need community, Paulie. And since you won’t find crip community for your brain (and well being) I’m

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Want to help out queer youth? I GOT YOUR LINKS RIGHT HERE.

First, a plug for the Irregulars. Seriously, I go to my Facebook group and ask ANY QUESTION, and the Irregulars are fucking on it. Today's brainstorm: sound off about the organizations you personally support, volunteer with, know about that help queer youth! Join in the conversation here and I'll keep adding links! Project Fierce "Project Fierce Chicago is a grassroots collective of radical social workers, youth advocates and other community members who are working together to establish community-driven, identity-affirming housing in Chicago. Project Fierce’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing transitional housing and support services to

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Now's the time to hit Patreon and donate at $5 (or up), if you don't already! If you do, you will soon behold allllllllllll the SMU short stories in ebook form! I released The Library I a few years ago, and failed to release follow-up collections, but now's the time! Jeez, I just did math. I think it's like...140k words in all? Damn. In any event, all three volumes of The Library will hit Patreon for the $5+ folks on Tuesday! (And yes, if you're seeing this later, you can still get access to those books by supporting me at

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SMU: Chronological Order!

Back by popular demand... Okay, okay, no one demanded it. But some folks in the Irregulars on Facebook were talking about reading order this morning, so I couldn't resist posting this again. This is all the novels, novellas, and shorts in series order. Most of the shorts for the foreseeable future will be on Patreon behind a patron wall, so I'll make note of those so folks who aren't over there don't click and get bummed out. Some of you will, of course, recognize this from days of yore... All the Everything in Strict Chronological Order: Behold, a list of

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Starting HOLD TIGHT…

There's this moment at the beginning of a new book, when most of the book looks like this: That's Scrivener's full screen composition mode with a themed background. And a whole lot of blank documents. I've written books in a lot of different ways. I've written on a Smith Corona word processor (black background, orange type), I've written in Microsoft Works, and MS Word. I spent years writing in text documents because Word was a nightmare and since I was the only one who read my stories (often on my pre-smart phone), they didn't need to be formatted. Lately I've

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