What Will Derrie Did When He Heard About US Marriage Equality (SFW)

This was apparently lost in the great web host fiasco of 2015. Here it is again! “What Will Derrie Did…” takes place on 26 June 2015. Because I had too many feelings and needed Will and Hugh and Tru to express them for me. SFW. It didn’t matter that it was a Friday morning, that Hugh and Truman both had to work. It didn’t matter that driving all the way to Oakland for a kiss (or, specifically, two) was a stupid idea and a waste of gas. Molly blinked tear-filled eyes across the kitchen at Will and said, “What’re you

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Dillon and the Foreskin Snuggie (NSFW)

Dedicated to...you know who you are. Ahem. Anyway. Inspired by this bad boy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/259651572/to-order-12-kg-gigantic-monster-chunky Dillon and Gage from The Real Life Build. Enjoy. The best part about the new house (in the first six days of living there) was that it didn’t share a wall, or a floor, with anyone. No businesses, no residences, just them. Gage liked to tease that he still couldn’t make Dillon scream as much as he’d like without disturbing the neighbors, but it was a lot better than having the Dugout downstairs. The worst part was the broken furnace. And the fact that it took them three

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These Turbulent Times

Let me tell you about some of the things I'm grateful for. Pandora's currently playing an a capella version of "I Want You Back", a problematic song in a lot of ways, but I have a serious fondness for The Jackson 5, and this song--even covers of it--reminds me of so many moments throughout my life. For eight dollars I scraped together from other budget lines, I bought my kid a biggish Lambie at Grocery Outlet this morning. She's been hugging it all day long. Today was a day for cuddly hugs from stuffed lambs. I wake up every morning

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2017 Writing and Publishing Plans! (Ripper’s Rambles #64)

TL;DL: Re-release with new covers and new, uh, positioning: Red and Bad Gym! Writing: Practice Makes Perfect (done!) Less Ordinary (half-done) Crux Series (classified, natch) New Year's #4 (which has no plot or narrator or anything at all at the moment) Publishing: As La Vista Turns (out from Riptide February 27) Kith and Kin (potentially out from Brain Mill Press...at some point...ish...) Practice Makes Perfect (April/Mayish) Less Ordinary (August/Septemberish) New Year's #4 (November--ish) Now let's see what really happens! All plans subject to me chasing new shiny things. https://youtu.be/bQJ_JBYJOJ0  

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In which I wax on about a Gaiman writing metaphor.

I'm currently watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voFDz4o6H9g (That's here, if you're on a text reader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voFDz4o6H9g) Early in this clip, Neil Gaiman talks about dry rock walls. And how the folks who build them start with a pile of fucking rocks and just keep putting one rock down, then another beside it, then another, fitting them all together, and when they're done they have this incredibly strong, stable wall. I'm so loving this for a metaphor right now for books. I have written a lot of books. Someone held me up as a writer they wanted to emulate a few weeks ago, and

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New Series! (CLASSIFIED SERIES.) Writerly stuff!

I'm about to start a new series. Well. I say that now. But it's geared toward traditional publishing, so if my agent sends me THERE IS NO WAY THAT COULD EVER SELL DON'T BOTHER WRITING IT feedback, I'll probably shelve it. But. I don't think she's gonna say that. I am so excited. I can't even. And it's a kind of goofy idea, really, but whatever, I'm stoked about it. And. Also. I'm being way more deliberate this time around. Let's talk process! The Old Way So basically I used to just write stuff. No outlines, no notes, no tracking anything.

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Dynamics (NSFW)

This is a bit of a tease. There's no story here. The way you get the story is by joining the list (krisripper.com/subscribe). (If you're already on the list and you see this before 16 December 2016, don't worry, yours will hit your inbox Friday.) But. I thought I'd give you a little taste. This story takes place after One Life to Lose. It subtly alludes to but does not spoil events in that book and As La Vista Turns. To get the most out of it, you should at the very least have read The Queer and the Restless and One Life to

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A Friendly Intervention (SFW)

This story is a crossover between Queers of La Vista and the Scientific Method Universe. It contains mad spoilers for QLV #1-4, so do not read it if you haven’t read those. Do not. **If you're reading this the week it posts, the first book in the series, Gays of Our Lives, is currently ninety-nine cents, so go pick it up!** What’re you still doing here? Did you read QLV? DID YOU? I don’t care how much you love Hugh Reynolds, don’t read this story. *narrows eyes* Did you hear me say SPOILERS? …Did you? Spoilers. Stop now! Unless you’ve read

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Blog Tour: One Life to Lose!

Your tour stops! Links to the posts will go live as they're published. Almost all videos this time around, y'all. Enjoy! And if you haven't joined the list yet to pick up your free copy of One Life to Lose's longish post-book short story, Dynamics, you really should. Join the list here! December 12, 2016 - Love Bytes Reviews December 12, 2016 - Bayou Book Junkie December 12, 2016 - Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents December 13, 2016 - Prism Book Alliance December 13, 2016 - Man2Mantastic December 13, 2016 - Alpha Book Club December 13, 2016 - Wicked Faerie's Tales

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