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Real Quick!

I’m looking at dates!

I’m self publishing four things in the next *counts* four months! If you’re supporting me at $5+ on Patreon, y’all, that business is gonna hit your inbox a week before it’s released in the wild!

Two re-releases:

Training Mac: 19 September (which means 12 September for $5+ Patreon folks–AKA NEXT WEEK)

Teasing Mac: 17 October (which means 10 October for $5+ Patreon folks!)

Two new releases:

Taking Mac: 14 November (which means 7 November for $5+ Patreon folks!)

Let Every New Year Find You: 12 December (which means 5 December for $5+ Patreon folks!)

Just in case that’s not a good enough reason to check out my Patreon, um, also? Also…see…I didn’t think it would ever get up to $500, so I made the $500 goal ME DANCING AS I WRITE. LIKE. ON VIDEO.






And um…so like today? The thing reached the goal. Of $500. AND SO I WILL DANCE ON VIDEO FOR ALL THE FOLKS ON PATREON.

Patreon $500

You only need to pledge a single dollar to see this shit, y’all. So if you have an inexplicable interest in watching my goofy ass dance, check out the thingie.

Dancing will go live tomorrow. TOMORROW.

Books will go live as stated above.

Me dancing. DEAR GOD.

Featured image is, and this may be my favorite Flickr photo title ever, “I accidentally brought money to a book sale.” by Brittany Stevens on Flickr, used under Creative Commons 2.0.

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