SMU: Chronological Order!

Back by popular demand…

Okay, okay, no one demanded it. But some folks in the Irregulars on Facebook were talking about reading order this morning, so I couldn’t resist posting this again.

This is all the novels, novellas, and shorts in series order. Most of the shorts for the foreseeable future will be on Patreon behind a patron wall, so I’ll make note of those so folks who aren’t over there don’t click and get bummed out.

Some of you will, of course, recognize this from days of yore…

All the Everything in Strict Chronological Order:

Behold, a list of all SMU-related shorts, stories, missing scenes, crossovers, and bits written to reader prompts.

This list is totally and completely inspired by a Livejournal user called Geovicki, who published the most awesome guide to AJ Hall’s Lopiverse ever. I read those books in all the orders, and chronological was actually the least satisfying, but still totally fun.


  • CTS refers to Control the Smutwriter; stories tagged “CTS” were written at the request of readers.
  • An *asterisk refers to a crossover with another series.
  • Stories tagged “Patreon” are available as ebooks to folks who support me on Patreon; links will take you to the appropriate post.

SMU “Official” Chronology (unless I’ve screwed it up)

“Cordelia’s Library” (this story is available in The Library, Volume I, which is free everywhere I can make it free)

Story: Hugh Gets a Gym Membership (NSFW; early Scientific Method Universe)

*Story: A Whore in New York (NSFW; crossover with The Ghost in the Penthouse; CTS)

Story: Lucy Wins a Bet #2 (SFW; early Scientific Method Universe; CTS)

Book: Catalysts

Story: A Decent Shirt (SFW; early Scientific Method Universe, during Catalysts, before Kith and Kin)

Story: Deep Emotions (NSFW; takes place two months after The Scientific Method; CTS)

Story: Old Friends (SFW; takes place between Hugh’s New Dude and Unexpected Gifts)

Missing Scene: Traditions (SFW; takes place during or shortly after Catalysts; CTS)

Book: Unexpected Gifts

Missing Scene: Fun With Plugs (NSFW; takes place during Unexpected Gifts)

Book: Take Three Breaths

Book: Breaking Down

Missing Scene: Tick, Tick, Tick (SFW; takes place after Breaking Down; referenced during Roller Coasters; CTS)

Book: Roller Coasters

Missing Scene: Poke, Poke, Poke (SFW-ish; a very old scene from a very old draft of a book that in some sense became Surrender the Past; this serves as a STP missing scene)

Book: Surrender the Past

Missing Scene: Nick Gains Insight (SFW; takes place during The Boyfriends Tie the Knot; CTS)

Story: Caging Nick (NSFW; takes place after Surrender the Past; CTS)

Book: The Boyfriends Tie the Knot

Missing Scene: The Nature of Compromise (SFW; takes place during The Boyfriends Tie the Knot; CTS)

Missing Scene: Brotherly Love (SFW; takes place during The Boyfriends Tie the Knot; CTS)

Story: The Label Maker (SFW; takes place during The Boyfriends Tie the Knot; CTS)

Book: The Honeymoon

Book: The New Born Year

Missing Scene: Hugh’s Special Blend (NSFW; takes place during The New Born Year; CTS)

Missing Scene: Affection (NSFW; takes place during The New Born Year; CTS)

*Story: An Impromptu Lesson (NSFW; crossover between Little Red and the Big Bad and the Scientific Method Universe; CTS)

Story: The Housewarming Party (SFW; takes place after The New Born Year)

Book: Extremes

Bumped (SFW; takes place after The New Born Year)

Story: What Will Derrie Did when He Heard About US Marriage Equality

*Story: Rules (SFW; a missing scene for Little Red and the Big Bad, Serial Two, August, in which Will Derrie brings Red to Nick and Bernie’s, inadvertently violating the rules)

*Random Encounters Over Espresso (SFW; crossover between Take the Leap and SMU; takes place after Extremes)

Story: Happy Birthday, Mr Jennings (NSFW; takes place after Extremes; CTS)

Story: The Boyfriends in the Boneyard (NSFW; short story in the anthology Lead Me into Darkness)

Book: Threshold of the Year

Missing Scene: Permission (SFW; takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year; CTS)

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This… (NSFW; takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year; CTS)

Wait for It (SFW; takes place after Threshold of the Year)

Reason is Powerless (SFW, but not recommended it be read there)

Desserts (SFW; takes place after Less Ordinary)

Story: Absence and Presence (NSFW; takes place after Extremes; CTS)

Story: Let’s Get Hugh Drunk (NSFW; takes place after Extremes; CTS)

*Story: Frazier Learns his Place (NSFW; crossover with the lads from The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man)

Book: Ring in the True

Story: Bedtime Stories (NSFW; takes place…at some point in time…perhaps…; CTS)

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