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The rare stand alone short story. Inspired with my eternal gratitude by Xan West’s Show Yourself to Me. Takes place in La Vista, but doesn’t star any QLV characters. Also rare in that it’s both first person and present tense, not a configuration I feel all that comfortable in. Sometimes the story tells you what it needs. And you do it. I knew. I’d always known. How Jennifer really felt, how she really thought about me. But she said all the right things and I let myself believe she meant them. Until this moment, wrapped around her leg while she flogs

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The podcast catch-up post…

Er, apparently I've been lax posting these over here, so we'll do it all at once. Quickie Naptime Update (Ripper's Rambles, #45) Take the Leap is out! (Ripper's Rambles, #46) Queers of La Vista is DONE! (Ripper's Rambles, #47) Twenty-One Years. (Ripper's Rambles #48) When the kid's in school and I'm not at the library, I'll get back to weekly posting, but for the next few months it'll be hit or miss. I know it's a great tragedy because when I ramble I'm, y'know, full of depth and insight, BUT I'm sure we'll all survive.

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I just finished the last scene of the last QoLV book.

*faints* If the kid falls asleep on the way home I'll make you guys a car video of me mumbling to myself and rambling about how weird it is to have first drafts complete for all five Queers of La Vista books. Don't ask me if they're any good. I have no idea. None whatsoever. I cried writing the last scene. One of the characters in these books surprised me by being drawn directly from my guts and soul, and thus makes me cry. I did okay maintaining distance with everyone else, but man, if you don't prepare for that shit

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Alas, my broken heart.

You guys. I finished the first draft of One Life to Lose this week. And I. Am. DEVASTATED. I don't fall madly in love with every book I write. Oh, I love them, to a certain extent, mostly. A familial sort of thing, where we live together, and we have things in common, and for a certain amount of time we travel side by side along the same road. I'm certainly fond of all my books at different parts of the process. (I hate all my books at other parts of the process.) But OLTL, like, slayed me. I'm trying to think

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A quick glimpse of One Life to Lose, by Irregulars request!

I just asked the Irregulars (what, you're not a member? go join!) what they wanted to see on the blog. The utterly fantastic Lynnette from @MamasDirLilRds asked for a peek of what I'm doing, and this, my friends, is what I'm doing: writing Queers of La Vista like my fingers are falling off. Meet the lads from One Life to Lose (Queers of La Vista #4). Or at least two of them. This isn't even a teaser. It's really just what I have on the page. Keith: We’re at Club Fred’s. Josh is locked in a weird debate about gun control with

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Queers of La Vista!

Can I just ramble a little about this series? Oh, wait. It's my space. I can totally ramble about this series! This is the five book series Riptide will be putting out starting next summer, and I'm just...so stoked about it. For one, the titles, which have recently been revamped (thank the gods). I'm currently revising book one, which is Gays of Our Lives. I've just finished book three, The Queer and the Restless. How much fucking fun is that? HOW MUCH? There are a few reasons I'm in love with this series, and probably the main one is that it's romance

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Whoa, nellie, contract what?

Sooooo, no sooner did I make a schedule but I'm breaking it. With good reason! I just signed a contract with Riptide Publishing for the entire Queers of La Vista series, y'all. Five books. For that matter, I just finished book two like ten minutes ago. Hooray! And like, contract. I've never worked with a publisher before, so this should be interesting. But I'm so looking forward to developmental edits on this series. Because I think I can pull it off, but I'll do it so much better with a little bit of help. Totally exciting! I need to shoot

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