Video Podcast #6: Origin Stories, Or: How I Conceived My Kid

I am not a doctor. As will be very clear to you during the course of this video. No, but seriously, folks, I left this puppy looooooong. I left it long because when I was trying to conceive (TTC in the lingo), I searched and searched and searched for stories about gender non-binary folks doing the same thing, and that shit was thin on the ground. So this is me doing my part for my people!


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  1. VCHeysham April 5, 2015 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    I definitely know when I'm ovulating – I get mini period cramps, usually around lunchtime. My mum's the same, which was helpful the first time I thought I'd somehow switched to a two-week cycle, and she was all, "oh no, you're perfectly normal…"

    She's not always the greatest at being the kind of Mom I saw on American tv shows as I was growing up, but sometimes she nails it 🙂

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