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Hello there! Do you like immersing yourself in a series of books? Do you feel like you get to know characters, as if they’re acquaintances, or even friends? Do you want more, more, more when you like a book? Me, too! Which is why I write series fiction. For the most part. Because I fucking love reading series fiction. Please allow me to introduce you to my books.

Flat-out list by pairing!

Gays of Our Lives

Welcome to La Vista! This series is coming out in 2016 (beginning in July), and is a foray into queer community, romance, and a little bit of murder.

Gays of Our Lives is about a grumpy dude who falls in love–very much against his better judgment. Join Emerson and Obie as they navigate kink and love and trust in a small city in California.

Catalysts 3D cover

Meet Will Derrie. He’s 21 years old at the start of the series, and we follow him as he explores sex, intimacy, desire, and commitment–and not all the answers he finds are what he expected.

Catalysts is a lot about Will. And Hugh. And Truman. And how the three of them form a relationship that none of them expected.

Fairy Tales 3D cover

Welcome to New Halliday, a little town caught halfway between the cities and the mountains. Join a cast of many, where our men always get their…men.

Fairy Tales is about two men who meet in a bar and part…badly. When they end up on a controversial committee together, they realize they might not hate each other quite as much as they thought.

Going Home 3D cover

In an alternative version of the United States, slavery was only mostly abolished, and indentured servitude came back in the mid-twentieth century as a solution to over-crowded prisons.

Both are outlawed at the start of Going Home, and Rory and Geo–who enjoyed a seven year run of slave and master–are left trying to reconcile their new status with their old roles. They pick up a family along the way.

Bad Comes First

In serial one college boy Red meets security guard Bad and woo-ee, do they have fun.

In serial two the lads deal with the same things everyone deals with in an ongoing relationship, but with a whole lot more kinky sex thrown in than, you know, your average couple. Depending on the kinds of folks you hang out with, naturally.

Ghost in the Penthouse 3D cover

Are ghosts real? Is madness? Hiram and James have spent four years trying to prove they don’t need each other, but when the shit hits the fan, they have to face down more than just ghosts.

I have a lot of ideas for more stories in this world (one of which, a Hugh Reynolds crossover, already exists), but it’s curiously absorbing from a creative standpoint, so I can’t quite commit yet.

Training Mac cover

The Erotic Gym stories! A guy who’s down on his luck starts working at an erotic gym, where he learns all sorts of things–about himself and everyone else.

I kind of love these stories. They’ve been released on Ripper’s Irregulars on Facebook, if you want to go hang out and read (but be sure to leave comments!).