The Erotic Gym

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Once upon a time I thought I could start a porn empire. Oh, okay, shush, no, I didn’t. But I did have this great idea for straight-up guilty pleasure porn. It was a great idea! It was just, like, gift-wrapped, sitting in my head one day.

To write! I shouted, and charged in.

And then…no. No. I failed. I failed because I, in my heart of hearts, am a novelist. A verbose novelist, at that. You guys should see the hundreds of pages of fantasy novel I’ll probably never manage to actually write coherently.

The point, eventually, is that I’m writing serialized erotica with lots of plotty bits and open loops under the name Rip Halahan. Yes, Rip Halahan. Oh god, I love the name Rip Halahan. It’s so cheesy and absurd, I adore it.

The series is, I kid you not, The Erotic Gym. Yeppers. You can kind of extrapolate from there…

Like the rest of my serials, this is only available on Amazon, where the market is for that kind of thing.