Little Red and the Big Bad

LLBB cover

Serial One:
Big Bad Charles Campion just wants to have a few minutes of fun with the little twink he usually only ogles over closed-circuit video. A single hour to take what he wants, that’s it. One time only.

College junior Red Redman wants something real, but he’s willing to settle for hot, kinky sex with a guy who can bring him to his knees with a word. He swears he’s not in too deep, but every new thing Bad does just makes the not-realness of this thing hurt more.

Serial Two:
The first year of a new business is always hard, but the lads are surprised to discover the second year of a serious relationship might be even harder. How long can you keep going when the best you can say is “At least the sex is still great”? (Hint: apparently not forever.)

Follow casual kinksters Red and Bad as they struggle with intimacy, endless work hours, a lousy retail manager, meddling friends, and ultimately try to find themselves inside the relationship they barely noticed they were building. It’s a wild (explicit) ride.