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Now–are you ready to dive back in and see what the lads are up to?

Download Hugh’s New Dude below. (And pick up The Scientific Method here if you haven’t already!)

Hugh's New DudeMOBI file, for the folks reading on Kindles or Kindle apps:

EPUB file, for the folks reading on everything else, including iBooks, or on Kobo, Nook, and other ebook readers:

PDF file, for reading on nearly all devices:

Loading a book file can be as simple as clicking “open” or as complicated as splitting the atom. (I say that as someone who’s never split an atom, but it sounds difficult!)

I recommend Send to Kindle for those of you reading on Kindle/Kindle apps.

General directions for Kobo ereaders (you can start with #6).

General directions for Nook tablets or Nook apps.

As for iBooks: “To add

[EPUBs] to your iTunes library, choose File > Add to Library, or drag the EPUB or PDF file to the Books library on your computer. If you’re using OS X Mavericks or later, you can add them to your library in iBooks. To read your books, sync them to your device.”

Let me know if you have any problems! Drop me a line: kris(AT)