New Halliday

New Halliday, California

Welcome to lovely New Halliday. Situated east of Sacramento in the beautiful California foothills, New Halliday offers local wine tasting, seasonal events (the Christmas Rail Ride-Along is popular), and the promise of a lovely day or two spent enjoying the view. From the vistas in the west to the foothills in the east, New Halliday will please your eye (and your camera).

You may find yourself wandering along Main Street, taking in the sights. Cooper’s Nursery offers everything from gardening classes to bouquets; The Cowboy Way will liven things up with a shot of espresso and, if you’re lucky, a few minutes of live music; and you should definitely plan to stop by the Dugout for lunch, where you’ll find one of the best burgers in town. For dessert, of course, the Candy Shoppe will suit your needs, even if all you want is to take a seat at the soda fountain and read the paper.

Whether you come for the day, or for the weekend, you’ll never run out of things to do (or people to chat with) in New Halliday!

Okay, that was kind of fun. Wasn’t it? I now want to visit New Halliday, even though technically I invented it and it doesn’t actually exist in space. You know what the next best thing is? Read the books!