I have just stumbled upon an amazing resource for queer books! It is LGBTQ Reads, and let me tell you my most favorite thing about this site: the way it categorizes books. By both pairing and identity. WHICH I LOVE.

I’m constantly troubled by how difficult it is to communicate complexity. Like Queers of La Vista has two F/F books. The Butch and the Beautiful is a romance novel about two lesbians. As La Vista Turns is a romance between a lesbian and a pansexual woman. There is no way to differentiate the two. Likewise the New Halliday books. Fairy Tales is M/M with a gay guy and a bi guy. The Real Life Build and Take the Leap are about two gay guys. “The Spinner, The Shepherd, and the Leading Man” is about two gay guys and a guy who isn’t quite sure.

And don’t get me started with Will Derrie. Whom I’m marking as Q for queer, since he does not identify as anything else.

Enter, LGBTQ’s book lists! (Check out the romance list, for reference.)

Books are listed by main pairing, with a note after if the characters identify in a certain way, and a text indicator for characters who are POC.

  • B/P/D/Q – MC and/or LI IDs as bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, and/or queer
  • T – MC and/or LI is transgender (B+T = trans character is also bisexual)
  • A – MC and/or LI is asexual
  • Purple text = MC is of color

I love this. I love placing value on character identity, and stressing that such identities do not magically vanish based on the gender pairing of the eventual relationship. Thus, I’m totally stealing it, with absolutely all affection and credit to Dahlia Adler over at LGBTQ Reads.

Behold: all the books. Categorized in a way that doesn’t make me want to stomp people. Please note that most of these are romance novels, and most of them include explicit sex. But not all. Feel free to ask!

The Butch and the Beautiful
As La Vista Turns – P (also has a trans teenager secondary character)

Surrender the Past
Kith and Kin
(also has M/F)

Going Home
Home for the Holidays
Fairy Tales – B (also has a parent with a trans kid)
The Real Life Build
Take the Leap
Gays of Our Lives
The Ghost in the Penthouse (ace secondary character)
Little Red and the Big Bad

Kith and Kin
(also has M/M)

Home Free – T
The Queer and the Restless – T

Roller Coasters – Q (also includes M/M/M)

Catalysts – Q
Unexpected Gifts – Q (also has M/F)
Take Three Breaths – Q
Breaking Down – Q
Roller Coasters – Q (also has M/NB)
The Boyfriends Tie the Knot – Q (also has M/F)
The Honeymoon – Q
Extremes – Q
Threshold of the Year
One Life to Live (also has a trans teenager secondary character)
The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man

Close to Home – Q