The release date is actually Wednesday, but I’m a fucking madman right now. I just tested the whole payments thing–like, to make sure you could use a credit card OR a Paypal account, and to ensure they sent you back to this site after, and actually give you the books–and it works. It works.

I just bought my own book. From my website. That’s so funny.

The book’s live here on the site and should be going live on the Amazon.everywhere sites over the next few hours. I’ll upload everywhere else in the morning, so if you’re buying from Kobo, iBooks, or Barnes and Noble, it’ll happen in the next day or two. (ARE and Smashwords go up immediately, so they’ll be up tomorrow evening. Google Play is a bleedin’ mystery in most ways, but my books go live pretty quickly over there, too.) Folks minded to wait for the $0.99 Smashwords coupon will need to wait until the email goes out Thursday.

I just bought my own book. I just can’t stop giggling about that for some reason.

If you’d like to buy Surrender the Past, AKA the Nick and Bernie book (and if you read The New Born Year and went, “I need to know MORE!”, you should definitely read this book), you can do that on the book page:

I’m a bookseller now! And a published author! Lifetime goals: achieved.

Note: the rest of the books will start going up as well pretty soon here. If you’ve got requests (I’m not sure why you would, but just in case), throw them in the comments! I’m also open to other wishlist ideas. I’ve got The Library: Collected Stories and Scenes from the Scientific Method Universe already brewing, hopefully for an April release. Do you want The Complete Home Series Collection in one book? (After the Maizy book comes out, natch.) Do you want sequential releases of the Will-and-the-boyfriends arc, five books a set or something? Do you just want me to stop yammering on? Okay, okay.

It’s just, I just bought my book. From myself. Directly. I don’t know why the hell I find this so hilarious, but I really, really do.

Awesome, drool-worthy bookstore image is Book Sale by Phil Roeder on Flickr.