I am embarking on a blog tour for the Catalysts release! WHOOO HOO!

I’ve never gone on a blog tour before. My bags are all packed, my power cords are neatly wrapped, and I’m departing in a few days. Let me tell you where I’ll be so you can stop in and say hello! (Links will go live when the posts go up.)

You should check out all these places for a Catalysts giveaway! (And if you’ve already got Catalysts and you win, you can request a different book from my catalogue!)

On Monday, 12th October, I’ll be stopping by Mama’s Dirty Little Reads to pass around a naughty excerpt!

On Tuesday, 13th October, you can find me hanging out at Binge on Books, where I might just have dug a sexy deleted bit of Hugh and Will to tantalize you all.

On Wednesday, 14th October, I’ll be chilling at I Love Romantic Fiction, where I’m talking a little bit about how I may have accidentally written the kinky poly romance that became Catalysts.

On Thursday, 15th October, you can see my goofy face while I try to answer Booknista’s awesome questions without yammering on for an hour and a half.

On Friday, 16th October, the fabulous J.R. Gray has invited me over to do a little question/answer about the lads of Catalysts and how I write. (Hugh and the thermostat…no one’s ever called that one out again, but seriously, every time I write Hugh and the thermostat I laugh.)

On Saturday, 17th October, I’ll be hanging out at Jessewave with a bit about how once I’d seen Will Derrie standing on a doorstep, I couldn’t leave that story untold. (Even though I tried.)

On Sunday, 18th October, I’ll finish up the tour at Literary Gossip with another sexy excerpt.