I’ve been writing one scene for weeks. I can’t seem to get it done. And it’s not a block or anything so glamorous. It’s just a scene I really like that isn’t getting written.

Mind you, without preschool it was just me and the kid 24/7, and when I claimed work time I had to funnel that into revisions on books I owe people. Still. I hate dragging out work like this. Saps the joy.

Summer 2016:

  • Outline the fantasy series; synopsize all five books. (done)
  • Release The Library, vol II (oops…kinda forgot)
  • Promote Queers of La Vista! Gays of Our Lives is out July 11, and The Butch and the Beautiful is out August 22! (yay!)

Fall 2016:

  • Continue promoting QLV! The Queer and the Restless is out October 31!
  • Get back to posting a video a week! (Yay, kindergarten.)
  • Write the Ally/Paul book, which wants to be a romantic comedy, and also instalove. Neither of which I know how to write. Or ever read. Um…

Winter 2016-2017:

  • Continue promoting QLV! One Life to Lose is out December 12, and As La Vista Turns is out February 27!
  • Write the Ads/Beccs book. At long last. (started in July…)
  • Start promoting the Untitled book (codename: DRO) that I’ll be putting out through Brain Mill Press! (No pub date yet on that one. Or title. Er…)

Whew. Are we ready? ARE WE READY?

Your job: give me topics for videos. For real. What do you want to hear me ramble about? That’s the hardest part of rambling, because it’s a fine line where it becomes super obnoxious (that’s…assuming you don’t already think my rambles are super obnoxious, but if you’ve read this far into this paragraph about me rambling, I guess you must not be that offended by my rambles). What can I ramble at you about? Tell me!

Featured image is “January, 20” by Kamilla Oliveira on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license 2.0.