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Desserts (SFW)

When I miss my deadline for the horror anthology, you can all blame Wendy. Because this. I haven't edited. I haven't even read it. I definitely shouldn't have written it. Video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h39LLeZOAwU Nick opened the email. A link to YouTube. With Minute 4:00. Trust me. —Ads at the bottom. “What the hell?” Cautiously, after muting the volume, he clicked. “Seriously, Ads, what the hell?” He pulled out his phone and texted, Wth? Did you watch? I thought it was gonna be porn. Which at least made sense. Why am I watching two guys make dessert right now?

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Surfaces (NSFW)

Once upon a time I offered a story to the brilliant Sarah Lyons. And she came back with hands-down the best prompt I’ve ever received (and if you’re currently feeling a twinge like I’ve just insulted your past prompts, hang on a minute). “Sex that breaks a boundary for the character. Like, it can be the mildest thing, or the most hardcore, but if it’s a character’s hard limit and they do it anyway (consensually), that is the most powerful thing ever.” Listen. I get a lot of fucking prompts, and I love them all. But that? I could write

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Reason is Powerless (SFW, but not recommended to be read there)

Rumi has a poem called “Reason is Powerless in the Expression of Love”. Featured image is “Hillcrest Rainbow Flag” by Tony Webster on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license 2.0. This story is how I feel right now. Afraid and grieved and so, so powerless. All my love goes out to this wounded, bleeding world. Words are the only medicine I know. I never go out with them, but tonight Truman is feeling possessive and Will is feeling a playful desire to be owned, and I can’t resist them, so I’ve taken them deeper into the East Bay, to a

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A Decent Shirt (SFW) (Also: short)

Roughly a million years ago I wrote what was then the...second draft of what is now Catalysts. Early last year I wrote "The Housewarming Party", which starts with a few Derries and Singer Thurman in a car, on their way to Will and Adam's new house. The following exchange takes place between Jeremy, struggling to reconcile the Will he thought he knew with the grown man, and Singer, who knew more than he'd ever let on: “It’s not like Will said he’s gay. It’s like he just—has this whole side of his life that no one even fucking mentioned to me.

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Random Encounters Over Espresso (SFW)

This story is a crossover between Neil and Clem of New Halliday, and Hugh Reynolds of SMU. It’s a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over atJustLoveRomance.com for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Hugh doing his thing, but this went in a slightly different direction. (And also sets up another prompt, which isn’t yet written…) Clem and Brent were arguing, as usual. Even the enjoyment Neil found in trading looks with Si was beginning to wear off. “Seriously, they’ve been like this forever?” Si shrugged. “As

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Cuddling (SFW)

This is for the lovely Nadine, who wanted to see Jem and Mac cuddling at home after a tough shift. It takes place directly after Training with the Professor in the Erotic Gym series. If you’re reading this between 4 April and 6 June, 2016, you can read all of these stories for free in Ripper’s Irregulars on Facebook. Come hang out! This story was written for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. Mac was still thinking about Lupe when he walked into the house. He wasn’t surprised to see the light on

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This… (NSFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over at JustLoveRomance.com for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Lucy and Beccs together. You know. Together. Ahem. For the record, this is not my fault. You can send all of your hate mail to El, who might be more of a sadist than I am. (Okay, obviously not, but this was so her idea. I just happened to find it irresistibly delightful…) Enjoy! Beccs knew—had always

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Permission (SFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by V for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. V wanted to see Nick and Bernie negotiate people. Or possibly Jase. Enjoy! Bernie was waiting, expectantly, in their room. He gave Nick a look as he dried his hair. “What?” “So. Jase.” Nick’s eyes narrowed. “Jase, yeah. All hard muscles and undisclosed need. Good guy, though.” “Is that all?” “Is what all?” There was no point in talking, so Bernie didn’t

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Seen (NSFW)

The rare stand alone short story. Inspired with my eternal gratitude by Xan West’s Show Yourself to Me. Takes place in La Vista, but doesn’t star any QLV characters. Also rare in that it’s both first person and present tense, not a configuration I feel all that comfortable in. Sometimes the story tells you what it needs. And you do it. I knew. I’d always known. How Jennifer really felt, how she really thought about me. But she said all the right things and I let myself believe she meant them. Until this moment, wrapped around her leg while she flogs

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The Wedding (NSFW)

In which Ortiz and Butch get married. With, naturally, a little bachelor party support from Red and Bad. Despite the presence of reliable troublemakers, this is not a lighthearted story. It’s mostly about loss, grief, hope, and love. For Wendy and Matt. Featured image is “193a.AIDS.Quilt.Display.GWMG.WDC.22July2012” by Elvert Barnes on Flickr, used under Creative Commons 2.0. (There’s a whole series of this particular day, so do check it out if you’re looking for more NAMES Quilt photos.) They’d split the bachelor party up into two sections. Butch spent the early section not drinking and being on normal behavior for Julio’s