CTS needs a home on the site. Here it is!

So this idea is all down to @cghipp, whose actual joke was Mindcontrolling the Smutwriter, and I believe it was a paid write-to-order service. (That’s what I’ve been doing wrong!)

The way it eventually manifested is as a series of polls for list subscribers, who get to vote on the missing scene they want to read next. (A few outstanding examples? Well, Affection in the Scientific Method Universe and D and Teddy’s Wedding (the Real One) in the Home Series might be my favorites.)

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Haven’t you ever wanted to nudge an author to write that scene they alluded to but didn’t expand on? Well, I definitely have, which is probably why I’m open to nudges. If you’ve finished a book of mine and wanted a bonus scene, drop me a line kris(AT)krisripper.com and I’ll see what the muse says. (Usually it says something like, “Oh, can we write that, please? Screw everything else, we have a minute, it’ll only take a minute!”) But if you actually want to control what I end up writing, you’ll have to join the list and vote!