For Truman’s 40th birthday, Hugh finally caves in and buys a smartphone. Everyone chips in to show him what he can do with it.

All right, y’all. I was lying in bed last night trying to think (and writing fiction in my head, which is what I do when I’m trying to sleep–and most of the rest of the time, too), and it occurred to me that this could be a fun group project.

Truman’s birthday is in November. That’s when I plan to have this story out. Might be free, might be for money, don’t know, don’t care. Should be lighthearted. The first mental draft went dark and I just can’t write more dark for release in 2015.

Here’s the challenge: I will lay out the characters. You will pick the thing they show Hugh about smartphones. It can be a feature, an app, whatever. Just something you think this particular character would pick out as *the* thing Hugh needs to learn.

(I’ve filled in the ones that are already taken, ie, “written in my head”.)

1. The camera/MMS: Will and Molly.
2. Grindr/Tinder: Adam (Wendy)
3. Beccs: some kind of vault app (DWolf)
4. Workout tracker: Nick (Marie)
5. Family tracking something-something: Bernie (SilverKat)
6. Goodreads: Ally (Marie)
7. Jase: crazy espresso machine app (Wendy)
8. Lucy: Candy Crush (Wendy)
9. Podcasts: Leo (Nadine)
10. Cooking-related: Eddie (Brittany)
11. Restaurant app: Andrew (Nadine)
12. The videocamera: Will and Truman.

If I’ve left anyone out, go ahead and throw them in. And: GO! I’ll update as folks chime in.