Yes, avid readers, that is a Torchwood reference. (Oh, RTD. So problematic. So addicting.)

Dude. Things are fucking changing around here. You may have noticed, by my absence, that I’m a busy little bee. I’ve got all the irons in the fire. All the irons! Okay, not all the irons. But enough irons so I’m both exhilarated and overwhelmed.

Update post!

Item the first.

We’re gonna institute a schedule around here because I’m posting…nothing. I post nothing. Sorry. I used to be so on top of that. I had scheduled posts for weeks! But now I got nothing, and it’s not for lack of inspiration.

So. Let’s call it Fridays. I’ll post something new on…Fridays. Or something.

Item the second.

Y’all, my kid started preschool today. Half days. Monday-Friday. Four and a half beautiful hours. Monday-Friday.

It’s only been a day. I’m trying not to get excited. But what a glorious day it was. I took a run on the campus where her preschool is. I found the library. I plugged in my computer and read the first 30k of the book I’m writing (book two in the Queers of La Vista series). I scribbled a bit.

Item the third.

I’ll try to shoot a podcast video tomorrow, but it’ll be in the car. And I don’t currently have internet access at the library because I’m not a student, so I’ll have to…hope to eventually get that, but at this rate I need to focus on finishing this book. But I love recording, so I’ll try to finagle it.

Item the fourth.

Whaaaaaaat, Morena Baccharin is on Gotham? Damn, son.

Item the fifth.

More. So much more. But I’m tired, and I’m trying to work a schedule, which we’ve never had before, and I think it’s time for…something. Or something. And the kid wants to wear the same dress to preschool everyday, so it’s a bit vital I cycle the laundry through appropriately. But you shall hear from me more than my current not hearing from me thing. Let’s do that.

Item the ETA.

What do you lot want to see around here? Tell me!