Kith and Kin will be released June 20, and if you haven’t checked it out, you should do so! It’s here on the site, and also over at Brain Mill Press. (If you head to BMP, do preorder Liz Jacobs’ Abroad, which I absolutely fucking love. Queer coming of age, all the intersectionality, beautifully interwoven storylines. BUY THAT SHIT. Er. No. It’s not shit. It’s wonderful. Fuck it, you know what I mean. JUST BUY IT.)



At some point I’ll make a video about the writing/revising process of K&K, which was a wild ride, but until then I shall only say that it was intense at times, and one of the ways I worked out what this book wanted was writing…a lot. Of stuff. Like roughly 33k words of stuff that isn’t part of the final book, but which helped me figure out what the hell I was doing.

This story is one of those bits. SMU readers will recognize Leo, Eddie, and Lucy. I’d like to introduce everyone to Emery and Alice, whom you’ll see again in Kith and Kin. This is a ropes scene; there’s a naked person and no sex. How SFW that is will of course depend on what you consider NSFW. You definitely don’t have to read this to enjoy K&K, but this particular scene is mentioned in the book, so it’ll be a bit of an Easter egg if you do.

Enjoy, y’all.