I’ll talk a little more about how my pre-writing process has changed in the last year in this week’s Ramble (I recorded one last week, but that shit went on for twelve minutes so I didn’t post it…), but right now I need recommendations for websites, books, and perhaps especially movies.

The topics? Well, well, well. Let me first amuse myself with a metaphor.

I have writing projects scheduled from now until summer, 2016. God, isn’t that fabulous? Let’s work on sucking people into The Scientific Method, people, because maybe five of those books are SMU stories. Having said that, for the most part those aren’t the books I’m researching. (Though I will be pulling a new character into the family, and I can’t fucking wait to write him. Oh man. So excited.)

These stories are like little seeds in the (ahem, fertile) garden of my imagination. Each of them is growing at a slightly different rate, and right now they’re all so far out that I’m not even stressing about them. This is blissful no-pressure research time, just trying to absorb some lovely stuff from the ether.

Without further ado, please help me, er, provide nutrients…to my…story seedlings…yeah.

Things I’m vaguely researching:

  • Anything taking place in a bar.
  • Anything taking place in a restaurant.
  • Any stories about folks permanently in wheelchairs. (I suspect this character will have been in one for quite some time; his journey will not be that of a person adjusting to less mobility.)
  • Romantic comedies that don’t make you want to claw your eyes out. (Four Weddings and a Funeral came on Netflix streaming recently so a friend and I watched it together while on the phone
    [she used to have kind of a thing for Hugh Grant; no accounting for taste…oh, burn!]. We shouldn’t have watched it. It has not aged well.)
  • Gay teachers!

Ha ha ha, I can’t even tag this with anything right now. Maybe next year I’ll come back and plug in all the book tags when it won’t be spoilers anymore. (Not that they have titles right now, don’t be silly.) Books, movies, websites, forms of media I’m leaving out–anything at all.

Go, brain trust! Throw it in the comments!