There are so many things I want to say about this book, and how much I love it. This is not the kind of love that can be damaged by pointing out its flaws, or discovering new typos. I’m not sure what could damage my love for TNBY, but it’d have to be drastic.

Really. I adore it. I hope you do, too.

The New Born Year

The town in this book is based on an actual town. If you call it out in comments, here on the blog or on Facebook, I will send you an ebook copy of one book, your choice, anything already out, or if you’ve got all those, something that comes out next year. The clue, for those of you who know the Marin County stretch of coastline where the story takes place, is the turned street sign. (I played with the locations of the stores a bit, don’t be bothered by details.)

Then again, I suppose there could be more than one small coastal town where someone turns the sign so it can’t be found…I might be opening myself up for controversy.

I want to yammer on at length, but I’m going to withhold my yammering for a bit and put it behind a spoiler cut. For now, the book is going live everywhere, and new releases list folks should be getting their coupons in the next few days (actually, I think we’ll give Saturday a whirl this time around).

God, it’s good to spend the holidays with the Scientific Method crew. Wait. You’re saying the holidays aren’t here yet? Well, I’ll just reread it at New Year’s, then. (Hang on, New Year’s with an apostrophe. See, that’s a typo. It’s a consistent one, though, so maybe folks will forgive me. New Years? Both look right to my eye.)

And if I put out another novel between now and the actual New Year, you lot will have Nadine to thank. She wants Nick and Bernie in her stocking–a feat I cannot deliver–but it has been eating away at me that I’ve got a ghost story up my sleeve that happens to take place over the holidays…

Check out the book page here on the site or buy The New Born Year today! (Ish; the links will all work within the next 24 hours or so.)

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