Oh man. You guys. This, right here, right now, is a line of demarcation.

Here lies the lost posts and pages and videos from the last three months. My backups from the old host cannot be used to restore the site at the new host. (Cry for me, Argentina. CRY FOR ME.)

It could have been worse. I didn’t lose everything. But I did lose most of your fantastic book club comments from serial two, which bums me out far more than having to recreate some pages and redo some links. Man. I had no idea my “full backups” would be useless. Very upsetting. The moral of this story is in two parts: A) don’t cheap out on hosting; and B) always keep a separate download of your database for that time when your cheap-ass host destroys it while migrating servers.

Okay, a few notes about the things that won’t work:

  • If you came here via a link in the back of a book, it’s going to take me a few days to redirect and recreate those links. If it’s past September 30, 2015 and you got here via a dead link, please drop me a line at kris(AT)krisripper.com to let me know what’s dead. Thank you!
  • BOOK PAGES. Oh man. Another note: don’t use a theme that files your business away in a weird custom post that isn’t really retrievable without the theme. Good to know. These should be up by the end of this week, which is the last week of August, 2015.
  • Internal links will be wonky for a while, because a lot of them link to pages and posts that no longer exist. Sorry! I’ll eventually sort all these out, but that’s a long term goal.
  • There will be other stuff. I apologize. Man. Don’t cheap out on hosting.

In other notes, I missed this site so much, I can’t even.

I’ve got some freebie shorts (and one notable freebie LONG) to post, and a few videos, both that I’ve recorded in the last two weeks, and that were up before The Great Site Meltdown of 2015.

Also, I’ve got to finish revising DRO, which is the code name of a project that has no title. (It stands for Domestic Rock Opera, but there is no singing. I apologize, opera fans.)

Also, I’ve got to reveal the Top Secret Project. TOP SECRET PROJECT. I’ll probably do that in a video next week. Ish. Or maybe I’ll do that on a review blog. Er. Anyway, that’ll be soon. Ish.

Also, I’ve been a guest on a podcast episode that isn’t out yet. I’ll keep you posted! I’m told I sound “sexy”. I don’t know what the fuck that means, so maybe when it comes out you guys can explain some shit to me.

I should get back to making links work and posting book pages (thank goodness the summer’s been slow for publishing). And the freebies! Gah. My to do list to get the website back in shape is so overwhelming I can’t even process the overwhelm. But we’re back! YES! Welcome back, y’all!