ETA: for more information about season two releases, check out this post.

I am seriously tempted to refer to all the humans in the book club as “the red hots”. Someone fucking stop me.

Oh, well, hello, there. Thanks for joining me!

So this is technically the Red and Bad Book Club, but I’m open to anything. The bigger picture is this: I kind of miss weekly TV shows.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to go back to pre-DVR, pre-Netflix, pre-torrenting days. (I used to torrent over dial up, people. It would take all week to get last week’s West Wing episode. And I say that as someone who now owns all of those episodes I once stole on DVD. In fact, I bought the first two seasons twice, in both region one and region two.)


While I prefer my television in marathon format, there is something I miss, just a little.

The anticipation. The looking-forward-to-Xday because Y is on. The excitement of the credits rolling.

Book Club shirt

The first rule of Book Club… Book Club shirt by infowidget on Flickr

I can’t produce a new X-Files. But I can do this: I can release Red and Bad once a week by email and provide a good spot in my living room for everyone to gather ’round and chat. And yes, I’ve set this puppy up so season one will run through the end of April, and season two will pick right up the next week.

If everyone likes it. Hell, if anyone likes it.

So that’s the plan, yo.

Let’s start here: introductions and other reasons to leave a comment. (I am not a big commenter on…anything. I briefly tried to participate on the Goodreads machine, but it made me feel a bit seasick. If you’d rather lurk, please do. If you just need a little nudge, go ahead and answer a question!)

Who are you? (Only please reread that as the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland: Who…are…you?)

Have you ever been part of an in-person book club? Did you enjoy it?

Have you met Red and Bad yet, or is this your first time?

Tell me exactly how you feel about serialized fiction. Right now. Please feel free to ramble/rant.

Hit the comments, yo!