Let’s chat.

I’m currently working on a fuck-ton of stories. It’s invigorating, man. Do you juggle? I juggle. Not particularly well, but it’s one of those great, mindless kinetic things you can do when you really ought to be doing other things. I can only juggle with three things, and they don’t have to be identical, but then need to be relatively close in weight. I’ll go for an hour, dropping, picking up, tossing.

And thinking.

And right now, I have an awful lot to think about whilst juggling.

The Scientific Method and Hugh’s New Dude are published!

“Hugh Gets A Gym Membership” is up here, and if I ever stumble upon a decent stock photo, I’ll throw it up at Smashwords and ARE as well.

Next: Gifts, in which Will Derrie considers the notion that the best sex he’ll ever have is with a gay dom who’s in love with someone else. Until said gay dom smacks him around a bit–metaphorically/literally–and convinces him that the potential rewards of communicating honestly with his not-girlfriend Molly is worth the risk. Also, various forms of pizza and beer are consumed during times of angst. (This one should be around 23,000 words, or about 95 pages.)

Short, available on the website: Gifts DVD extra, in which Molly explains her gift…

Short, available on the website: “Old Friends” (totally not smut). Andrew has watched Hugh grow up. With few exceptions, he’s seen Hugh at dinner every Friday since Hugh was an infant. On this particular Friday, Andrew stands down from his post at the restaurant in order to actually sit down at a table to eat. Naturally, all hell breaks loose.

After Gifts: Digging In. DI gets a little dark, y’all. Hugh likes being in love, likes having a partner–maybe more than he ever imagined he would. But when a former student kills himself, Hugh shuts down, leaving Truman and Will to pull his ass out of the dark. Contains mentions of suicide and death, over-bearing friends-who-are-family, and a failed attempt at romance. (30,000 words, or about 120 pages.)

All right, that should take us through until May, I think. I’m foreseeing some strange times in the day job, which may impact the speed of things, but everything I’ve listed is in revisions, save for “Old Friends.”