Well, hello. And welcome to the first meeting of the Red and Bad Book Club! You might have noticed some technical difficulties so far (like the email going out earlier than this post published), but hopefully once everything’s rolling, it’ll get a bit more, ah, well-oiled-machine ’round here.

Here’s a little three minute vid to get us started. Forgive the dark, grainy quality of it (I freaking looked everywhere for a lamp–where have all the lamps gone?). I actually carried the computer all over the house looking for a decent place to record, but no dice. Next week!

Macky and Mo over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews reviewed each episode of LRBB. If you’re game, read The Mail Room review here.

So, what do you think? Is Bad a sociopathic jerk with a twink obsession? Exactly how innocent is wee Red? Let’s chat in the comments!

Freaking awesome Book Club shirt photo by infowidget on Flickr under this Creative Commons license.