I’d like to welcome the four new members of the book club! (You know who you are.) The comments system has been upgraded, so we can now “like” comments and reply in-line much easier. The system’s called LiveFyre, and requires registration as an anti-spam measure. I can’t wait to see it in action today!

Ahem. I now call this meeting of the Red and Bad Book Club to order! Please grab snacks and take a seat. Or a lie-down. Or an artistic drape over a chaise, if that’s more your style. (I’ll be sitting cross-legged on the floor.)

Let’s read The Bar.

Also, in honor of our first Red episode, a comic about the quotative “like” (and the hardcoreness of linguists). Hat tip to Vicky, who saw this the other day and dropped it by my inbox.

Just as a side note, for the folks visiting this page in the future, as I sit to reread The Bar I’m writing episode six of the second season of Red and Bad, where things are getting very, er, touchy…

Now, for our show! Oh, goodie, this week we dive into Red’s delightfully twisted mind. Would you drop your phone number in a packet of stamps and give it to a guy like Bad? (Also, what the hell is he gonna do with two books of stamps?)

Freaking awesome Book Club shirt photo by infowidget on Flickr under this Creative Commons license.