Each time I design a cover, I enjoy the process slightly more. Or maybe hate it slightly less. I definitely dread it slightly less (with a few exceptions; that Surrender the Past cover got to me, and still gets to me, even though it basically looks the way I expected it to).

I’m not as emotionally entangled with Math and Henry as I am with most of my characters–yet–so this is a little less fraught.

These two fellows do it for me a bit:

If I was using this photo, the fella in the back would be Math (Math’s got broad shoulders and easy charm working for him), and the fella in the front would be Henry (Henry has a damn hard time relaxing, but when he goes deep, watch out).

I really dig these guys. This is the moment, just before-and-during the early readers do their work, when I get most nervous that no one else will like these characters. Every damn time.