I, like, love the new SMU covers. I LOVE THEM TO PIECES.

(I don’t actually know what the fuck that means. It’s like when someone says to a kid, “I love you so much I could eat you.” Um. Like. Er. Cannibalism is not how I show my love. Why…why is that a thing?)

These covers are not in pieces, they are whole, and they are amazing!

We’re gonna do a little thing, whereby you can virtually “exchange” your cover-1.0 book for a beautiful newly covered book, and here’s how you do it:

  1. If you haven’t already, join Ripper’s Irregulars on Facebook. It’s a private group, so your posts won’t end up on your timeline.
    • If you don’t like Facebook, do feel free to use Twitter or YouTube or any other social broadcast format.
    • If you really hate social broadcast formats, you can do this whole deal over the email.
  2. Pick out your favorite moment of the book and screen shot or take a picture of it. It’s gotta be beyond the ten percent mark, but other than that, all’s fair.
  3. Post that to the Irregulars, or your Twitter feed, or make a video, or a podcast, or Instagram, or whatever new fangled thing the kids are doing these days, and make sure you tag me or tweet me so I know about it!

After that, I’ll hit you up for your file format of choice and preferred ebook delivery method, and then you’ll have a bright, shiny new cover! When all the covers are done, I’ll put this out to the universe (by which I mean the list), but at the mo, it’s just to you folks who hang around.

THOSE COVERS, THOUGH. Swoon, y’all. This is a good place to note that all the new SMU covers are designed by the fabulous Angsty G, whom you can locate on the interwebs at her site, except you can’t, because she’s mine, all mine!