So, I’m not a real visual person. I struggle with descriptions (what the hell do these people look like? in various forms is the most consistent feedback I’ve ever received on my fiction). I skip descriptions when reading because my brain doesn’t read description and form images. My brain processes in words. I hear songs; my brain conducts a simultaneous closed caption, writing the words in my head so it can then read them.

Thus: Pinterest. I tried it years ago and never really used it for anything. But right now I’m re-branding my covers, and I’m trying to see better, I suppose. I’ve looked at a lot of covers, and besides the basics, I have no idea what makes one “good” or “bad.” I’m not a great judge of that, let alone the whys and hows that back it up. I don’t like a lot of clutter. And I know fonts are supposed to be everything, but I like a clean font, probably because that’s what I look at on a cover: words. (You’d think I’d have better titles, then. Sadly, I don’t have an actual gift for titles, headlines, or catchy phrases. Though Unexpected Gifts is the only one that actually bothers me.)

Pinterest. Anyone?

So far, I’ve got recipes posted that I may someday try. Ideas? How do you lot use Pinterest? I think I hooked that madness up to Facebook, but honestly, I have no idea. I haven’t hooked it up to the site yet because I’m not sure what my damn username is. I think I’ll also make a board for other people’s covers that I especially like, and maybe try to pick out what I like from them. Maybe. Ish.

Bulletin board. I had shit pinned all over my bedroom as a teenager, mostly quotes cribbed out of magazines, or entire articles about “The X-Files” or Stephen King. (This will come as a shock to past housemates; I have a reputation for blank walls and a trademark lack of decor.)

All righty, off I go to finish up the new (almost indistinguishable, but I like to think slightly more classy) covers!