I’m sitting in my brother’s living room right now while the kid watches Fireman Sam. And not the old Welsh version. This is some kind of dubbed-but-with-actors-trying-to-match-Welsh-speech-patterns new Fireman Sam that just hit Amazon. It kills me. The original version was moralistic and annoying; the new version is moralistic and wrong. 

But at least it’s not Caillou. Shit could always be worse.

I have, in another tab, the playlist for the book I’m writing. (Oh, interested? I keep thinking about doing a post about this book and…not. Playlist here.) It’s on Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” right now. The book, for future reference, is Queers of La Vista book one, whatever I end up calling it. (Strong and Strength are the main contenders at the moment.)

Dude, you guys, I’m doing a blog tour this week. I’ve never done this before. I believe in Catalysts. I believe the living shit out of this love story. But damn. I’m nervous now.

And I’m trying to write a book with Fireman Sam in the background and the fourteen year old pissed off Smite won’t work. (Truth: lots of people are pissed off that Smite stopped working upon the mandatory launcher update.) These distractions are no good for coherent writing, and I’m kind of the king of writing whilst distracted.

This scene is fucking entertaining. In which one of the MCs informs the other that they have to have sex, because if you have sex on the first date and then fail to have sex on the two dates after that, it’s a bad omen. I should be loving this scene, but I’m so fucking distracted right now I’ve got no juice going to it. Time for a break.

Also, Pink doing “Glitter in the Air” live is on. Maybe I’ll just watch some music for a stretch. Thank all the gods for headphones.