Do you guys have favorite narrators? I’d love to eventually get some books into audio (Lucie is clapping and cheering right now), and because that is not a medium with which I’m familiar, I’m interested in folks’ experiences.


Image by Nicola Einarson, on Flickr

I’m playing with the idea in the abstract, but I find myself totally fascinated by it. Presumably it’d be something like a movie adaptation, that it could be annoying if you loved the book, or it could be inspiring, or it could have no real impact on your feelings about the book at all.

Would you buy an audiobook for the narrator’s voice the way you’d buy a book for the author’s voice? My books don’t sell well enough to be attractive to narratorsΒ today,Β but they will eventually. (Or I’ll make enough to pay up front.) I’d love to find a narrator who was interested in a sort of partnership, who wanted to sign up for more than one book, who felt enough creative leeway to vocally own the characters a bit. That sounds like delicious fun. (I’m thinking of the Scientific Method Universe here. The Home Series would be harder because of the different points of view; you couldn’t necessarily have the same person narrate all four of them.)

So. Tell me, hivemind. How do you like your audio fiction served up?