…Might be a bit of a doozy.

Guys? Whoa. I just fucking sketched this puppy out (in an email draft on my phone while doing seventeen other things, like y’do), and if I can pull it off, it’s gonna be a hell of a mindfuck.

(The dark days of winter. My writing takes a dive into the dark with the weather some years, and this appears to be one of them.)

I apologize in advance. Well, kind of. Like I said, if I pull it off, it’s gonna be a ride, but fuck me, these guys are supposed to be the ones I don’t have to worry about!

In other notes, my little Hugh/Truman addendum to “An Impromptu Lesson” is going to be up in the next few days, for those of you minded to stop by. There is not a single porny thing to it. Just the lads talking, largely in the dark. Stay tuned.