Red was fucking exhausted. His skin was shiny with pizza grease, he had flour caked in his nail beds, and his nose hairs were permanently stained with the smell of tomato sauce. He pulled up to the house and sat in his car a long moment. Just had to make it up to the door, that’s all. Then he could stand in the shower until Bad came in to drag him out.

He fumbled his key into the lock and went inside, dropping his bag, dropping his keys, dropping his coat.

A hand clamped down over his mouth and a body slammed him into the wall. Red’s heart almost exploded in the second before he heard Bad laugh.

“This what you do when you don’t think I’m home? Make a mess just so you can clean it up again?” The chuckle turned into a growl. “You ready for your surprise, boy?”

I’m ready to curl up at your feet and fall asleep. But Red nodded, at least half out of curiosity. His “surprise” had been hinted at and teased for three freaking weeks now, and he could feel certain parts of his body express their interest by literally perking up.

He nodded a bit more eagerly.

Bad’s huge hands ran up under his shirt, pulling it over his head. “I can’t fucking wait, Red, I can’t wait to turn you over to them, I can’t wait to see what they do to you.”

It was the longest running of Red’s fantasies and he’d wondered if that was his surprise, but hearing it for real made him shiver.

“Oh yeah.” Bad removed his work slacks, leaving them around his ankles, and started jacking him. “God, Red, you’re gonna be a fuckin’ cesspool of come and spit and piss.”

Oh my god. Red arched back and Bad captured his mouth, opening him and invading him.

“That’s gonna be so fucking hot, boy.” Rough hands, rough touches, but Bad’s lips pulled back enough to suck on his jawline. “Gonna blindfold you now, Little Red. Blindfold you nice and tight so you don’t know who’s on you or what they’re doing, but they won’t be strangers, they’ll be guys you know.” Another laugh as the cloth stretched over his eyes, and Red couldn’t tell if the heat on his skin was Bad’s breath or his blush. “Yeah, that’s right, all guys you’ll see again, next time with your clothes on. Guys who’ve been waiting and waiting for their chance at you. How d’you like that, Red? How d’you like being my little plaything to share with my friends?”

Yeah, this was hot, this was hotter than hot. And Bad knew it.

“Not yet though. Not quite yet. On your knees, boy.”

He wouldn’t have begged for this first, but the second he was on his knees, he felt the rightness of it. Bad let him suck a little, without touching, but that wasn’t what this was about.

“Gotta paint you up, boy, so they know you’re mine. I wouldn’t want any of those big tough fucks to think they could move in on you, would I?” Bad’s dick, wet with saliva, slid over his lips, his cheeks, so hard and so fucking soft at the same time. “Hands behind your head, boy.”

Red obeyed, feet tangled in pants, kneeling tall on the welcome mat, dressed only in a fucking blindfold.

“Shit, boy, I might have to cancel. I’d hate to disappoint them, but I got a lot of ideas about how you and I could spend tonight. Stick your tongue out, Red.”

Yes, yes, yes. Bad tasted so fucking good. He jacked himself into Red’s mouth until he was almost coming, then pulled back and Red straightened his spine, presenting himself as a canvas, ready to be marked.

“Good boy, fuck, fuck, Red, fuck, yes, yes, yes—”

Red inhaled over his tongue, which was still out (though he only managed to catch a brief tease of jizz), waiting, waiting for the thing that would be his safe place for the rest of the night, the thing he thought about sometimes at work when customers were assholes, or at his parents’ house when they were indifferent.

Bad’s hands returned to him now, smearing come over skin, into Red’s armpits, pinching his nipples with it, outlining his ears and nose and lips, squeezing his balls and painting his dick.

“You’re mine, Little Red. And they’ll all know it. They’ll smell me on you, like animals. Spread your legs.”

Behind the blindfold he closed his eyes, tracking the finger scooping jizz from his chest, anticipating the next touch on his ass as Bad slid into his cleft, into his hole.

“You still clean in here, Red? I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of the boys.”

He shouldn’t be allowed to say shit like that while he was pushing a finger lubed only with jizz in as deep as he could. Red couldn’t answer. Couldn’t think.

“Speak,” Bad growled, crooking the finger.

“Yes—yes, sir—” Red writhed.

“You sure we don’t have to do another enema? I don’t want to make the fellas wait for their entertainment, but like I said, you’ll be seeing all of them again and I wouldn’t want you to be thinking the whole time that you were dirty, Red.”

The enema, the fucking enema, he should have known this morning at five a.m. when Bad dragged him into the shower and made him kneel with his ass in the air. At the time he’d barely been awake enough to protest, and Bad had sent him back to bed with a towel wrapped around him.

Now, though. Now it all came back.

Jab, jab, jab. Pressure on his prostate, not exactly giving him what he wanted, but reminding him who had the power to give or withhold pleasure.

“Yes, sir,” Red mumbled, grateful as all hell that he’d decided not to eat at work today. If Bad had to drag him back to the shower for an enema right now he’d leak all over whoever fucked him later, and the jokes about that would follow him the rest of his goddamn life.

Well. The rest of his life with Bad. He fought the wave of creeping darkness and focused on Bad’s finger in his ass.

“That’s real good, Red. That’ll make things easier for you. The enema I gave you this morning wouldn’t even compare to getting one at the hands of four guys who all want to see the inside of your hole.”


Bad laughed and pulled out his finger. “There, boy. Coated in my seed. Kick those pants off and stand up.”

Right, kick your pants off without seeing, sure, Red tried to have some dignity, but fuck. He stood up and Bad was there, watching, waiting.

“Arms out.”

A bathrobe. Bad wrapped him in a bathrobe and tied it off.

“Hold up.”

As if Red was going anywhere.

He wrinkled his nose as a strong scent hit him, taking away the warm rightness of Bad’s jizz as Bad traced his collarbone in some rich, deep-smelling cologne.

“That should do. Let’s go.”

Red wanted to know what the hell the cologne was about, but it wasn’t his place to ask at the moment, and he was distracted when Bad led him through the house to the garage door.

The garage? That’s where Bad’s truck was? But the garage was crammed full of shit; there was nowhere near enough room for the truck.

“Yeah, yeah, well, that’s your other gift, but you’ll have to see it later. Go slowly, Red, it ain’t really done yet.”

But Red didn’t go slowly. He turned his head toward Bad and tried for a kiss.

“Shh, don’t fucking tell anyone I cleaned for you, okay? You’ll fuck up my rep.”

“Love you, Bad.”

“Yeah, love you, too, Little Red. Now move your ass.”

Move your ass, yeah, right, sure. Red let himself be led to the truck and pushed inside, and he wasn’t exactly shocked when the first thing Bad did was unfold the robe at his waist.

“Aw, damn, I forgot something. Scoot down, boy. I gotta tie up your big heavy balls so they don’t run away when the guys are playing with them.”

He secured the cock ring and gave Red’s balls a few love taps for good measure. Red tried not to squirm, but fuck.

“That’s nice. I want you in the middle here, boy, so I can use your cock as a gear shift.” Bad positioned him, legs on either side of the actual gear shift, and belted him in before starting the truck. “Time to go. It’s gonna be a damn good night, Little Red. A damn good night. It’s gonna take us about half an hour, boy, so you’re in for a little bit of misery before we get there. En-fucking-joy, Red.”

Bad turned on the local uber-conservative talk radio station and started torturing Red’s dick with the hand that wasn’t steering. Fucking sadist.

* * *

They were in someone else’s garage. At least, it felt like poured concrete on Red’s feet and he’d definitely heard the sound of a garage door closing.

He couldn’t confirm it with scent, because all he could smell was the fucking cologne.

“Shit, Red, you turn me the fuck on.” Bad slid a knee between Red’s legs. “Fuck, boy. I’m half-tempted to bring you in speared on my cock right now.”

Red moaned, nuzzling into Bad’s neck. The drive had been good; he was too strung out and aroused to be nervous.

“Yeah, yeah, come on, Little Red.” Bad unraveled the bathrobe and tossed it back in the truck before shutting the door. He smoothed over the blindfold. “This still okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ll be with you the whole time, even if you can’t feel me. Say ‘orange’ and I’ll call it off.” Bad bit down on his ear. “Say ‘yellow’ and I’ll take you off to the side for a minute, baby. This is all for you, okay?”

Since Bad didn’t usually stop for reassurances, Red took a minute to think through the haze of edging.

“We good, Little Red?”

“We’re good, Bad.”

Bad bit down again, tugging his earlobe. “God, they’re just gonna fuck you up and spit you out, boy. I’m gonna have to pour what’s left of you into bed later.”


“Time to face the guys, Red. Man, they’ve been begging me to share for fuckin’ months. I told them nothing’s off limits, that you can take whatever they dish out. Don’t let me down, boy.”

“No, sir.”

Bravado. They’d talked about this weeks ago, about limits when playing with other people. Red had thought it was a tantalizing story, a tease, but Bad had engineered the whole conversation for tonight.

He wanted to say You sneaky bastard. But Red was leading him now and he was following and even before they went inside, he could hear voices. He could hear laughter.

Oh my fucking god, this is really happening. Fire spread through his veins and yeah, okay, he was blushing, but what did you call blushing if it was everywhere, if it covered every inch of your (totally naked) body?

A shout, and yeah, Red recognized the voice of Bad’s friend Mike, a big bear of a man, who’d never seemed all that kinky.

“Fucking finally! Aw, lookit your boy, Badman.”

“I found this outside,” Bad said, hooking an arm around Red’s neck. “Anyone want to play with it?”

The men—did Bad say four of them?—laughed.

“Damn, I thought he’d be skinny.”

Red bit his lip. Shit, that was Ortiz, AKA “the only gay contractor in town”, who’d done all the work on the studio. He’d never thought about Ortiz and sex in the same sentence.

“Not with Bad building him up,” Mike said, voice closer this time. A warm hand pressed to his chest. “You already mark your property, Bad? He looks a little sticky.”

“Didn’t want anyone getting any ideas.” Bad kicked his legs out, and Red tried to unobtrusively shift back, keeping Bad’s dick, hard in his clothes, nice and tight against him.

“He filled out well.” Mike ran his hand down over Red’s abs, and even though he’d never fucked Mike, Mike was known. Mike was a friend. His touch was a friend’s touch, warm and firm and predictable.

“Kid’s got a good body.” Oh shit, that was Silky, the new bartender at the Spark, who Red had a stupid crush on. (He hoped Mike couldn’t tell he was responding to Silky’s voice even more than his hand.)

“Agreed, agreed. My, Bad, I’m surprised you haven’t scared him off yet.” Red couldn’t place this voice at all, slightly sibilant, very gay.

Bad’s arm squeezed, then released. “The fuck are you doing here, Jerome?”

“Ortiz invited me.”

At the edge of Red’s hearing Ortiz said, “Great, now I’m in trouble.” A murmur, then, “The fuck was I supposed to know? Jerome said—”

“I won’t go too far with your boy, Bad,” this new guy, Jerome, said.

“Shit, Bad, sorry, you want us to go?”

“Don’t take it upon yourself to add to my guest list in the future, Ortiz.” The hand not locked at Red’s throat moved down to his balls. “Mike, you gonna fuckin’ blow the boy, or just tickle him?”

“Maybe both,” Mike said, hand moving on Red’s dick, but not in any rhythm. “I want to see what it’ll take before he begs.”

“He ain’t gonna beg your sorry ass. Down, Red.”

Red knelt, immediately missing Bad’s form behind him. But Bad didn’t go far, and when he came back, he was naked.


Yeah, fuck yeah, Red lost himself to sucking Bad the way he’d wanted to before, and when fingers spread his ass cheeks, he let Bad know it was good for him by tonguing his piss slit.

“Bend him over more,” Mike said. “Silky, you want to get in on this?”

“Fuck yeah. Shit.”

Silky had long hair and long, thin fingers. Red couldn’t say for sure that Silky was the one stretching him, but he was pretty sure Mike was the one tugging on his nipples.

“He’s fucking tight,” Silky purred, pinching Red’s cheeks. “Damn, Bad, how the fuck do you keep him this tight?”

“It’s the fucking yoga,” Ortiz said. “You mind if I get my boy in there, too?”

“Fuck no.”

Ortiz had a boy? Red tried to track bodies and hands, but Bad took hold of his head on either side right as a mouth closed over his own dick and shit, shit, that was insane, that was a fucking intense feeling, blowing someone while being blown.

“Deeper, boy,” Ortiz said, and Red realized he wasn’t the only “boy” in the room. “Choke on that cock, son. There you go.”

Red moaned, feeling his dick hit the back of a throat.

“Concentrate, Red. Silky, I think you better give my boy a little wake-up spanking. He’s losing focus on his fuckin’ priorities right now.”

“Shit yes.”

And Silky’s thin, pale hands weren’t only good at pouring drinks. Red’s body lit up everywhere, not able to pinpoint any sensation, not able to take it all in. The mouth on his dick felt incredible, the dick in his mouth tasted like home and Bad, the hand slapping his ass again and again stung like fire.

“Get his nips, Mike,” Bad said, pulling Red down even faster on his dick. “Twist ’em real hard if you can get in there.”

Mike could get in there, and that was all it took. Red cried out, gagging on Bad’s dick, thrusting into the mouth of the man who didn’t have a name, coming even as Mike twisted and Silky kept spanking him.

“Aw, he’s so fuckin’ cute,” Mike said. “Happy Graduation, kid.” A hand that wasn’t Bad’s brushed through his hair. “Ortiz, can I get some of that mouth?”

“Fucking-A. You heard him, boy. Make Daddy proud.”

The spanking stopped, but Silky didn’t go anywhere. His dick was long and not too thick as it slid into Red’s ass, and he used short little punches in, deeper and deeper.

“Hell, Red, Silky’s cock is all up in there, investigating your fucking guts right now. You should thank me for that enema this morning.”

Red tried to turn his face into Bad’s thigh, but Bad held his hair.

“Yeah, cleaned you out real good, didn’t we? Tell the guys how good it was, getting nice and clean for them.”

“It was—was good—”

“You liked it, huh, Little Red? You like it when I make you get on your knees and stick out your ass for my hose.”

“Yes, sir.”

Silky’s hands clamped down on his shoulders, pulling him back hard. “Thanks for that, kiddo. Jesus. So fucking tight.”

“Still into cleanliness, Bad? I thought that would end up being a phase.”

Whoa, shit. Bad shoved his dick back into Red’s mouth so fucking fast Red almost couldn’t inhale.

“If you’re good, Jerome, maybe I’ll let you eat out my boy when Silky’s done with him.”

“My pleasure. Though I’d rather have a go at his sac.” And fuck—fuck—a hand pulled down on Red’s balls like he was being fucking milked by one of those machines they use on cows.

He bucked, but there were hands everywhere holding him in place, to say nothing of Silky (and his long dick), weighing him down.

“That’s nice,” Jerome said, pulling a little harder. “I bet this is your favorite part of him, isn’t it, Bad? I bet you could spend all day on his nuts.”

“Hey, Jerome, you want to shut the fuck up?” That was Ortiz. “Christ.”

Bad went in deep and held there, with Red’s nose brushing against his stomach. “My favorite part of him is his eyes, you shit. Notice you aren’t good enough to see them.”

“That’s incredibly sweet.”

And it was. Fuck. Red couldn’t move, but he tried to purse his lips a little, a kiss only Bad would feel.

“All right, all right, girlfriends. Let’s stay cool.” Mike, now done with Ortiz’s boy, started fiddling with Red’s nipples again. “Jerome, if you can’t keep a civil fucking tongue in your head, you can go the fuck home. This is about Red, not some dumbass fight the two of you had ten years ago.”

Silky, maybe oblivious (maybe not), grunted and slammed into Red once, twice, three times, spearing him all the way through, making his eyes water. “Fuck—fuck—so—tight—argh shit—”

“Nice,” Mike said, still beside them. “Hell, Silky, you sure you don’t want to be the meat in the sandwich?”

“Fuck off—ah—coming—”

Silky came and Bad started fucking Red’s mouth again, like he only remembered that’s what he was doing. And sure as shit, the minute Silky moved away, another body was behind him, pulling him up, pulling him open.

“What a sweet pussy your boy has, Bad. I wonder how it tastes.”

And oh Jesus, Jerome could rim him anytime. His tongue flicked and flicked and flicked, then poked inside and Red could barely contain himself.

Mike and Ortiz laughed.

“Now you see why I told him he could come. The man is fucking skilled, you know what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, you might be redeeming yourself,” Mike agreed. A slap, then another, but not on Red’s skin. “Speaking of your boy.”

“Sorry, Mikey, he don’t take tops. But I did promise him he could ride Bad’s boy, if everyone was amenable.”

“That’s a good idea,” Bad said. He pulled out, still hard, and slapped Red’s face with his dick a few times. “What do you say about that, Red? You want to fuck a little boypussy?”

I want to come with Jerome’s tongue in my ass. But being ridden by some other “boy” sounded pretty fucking good, too.

“Yes, sir. Please, sir.”

“So fuckin’ polite,” Ortiz said. “I’ll get this hole all nice and ready for you.”

A few “ahh, fuck”s distracted Red from Jerome’s tongue, still fucking him madly, like he was trying to get Red off without touching his dick.

“Shit, Red, I wish you could see this. Ortiz has fuckin’ four fingers inside his boy right now. Ah, look, now he’s trying to get his thumb in.”

A finger slid in beside Jerome’s tongue. Then another, on the other side, like he was stretching Red open for his mouth.

“There it is, his whole fuckin’ fist. Jesus, Ortiz, how long’d it take you to train that hole for your goddamn hoof?”

“Too damn long, didn’t it, boy?”

A sound somewhere between a bark and a birdcall. The guy was gagged, or maybe on orders not to speak?

Jerome latched on to Red’s ass and started sucking, making him shake.

“Here you go. One nice loose pussy for your boy, Bad.”

The gorgeous, incredible mouth at Red’s ass disappeared, and a hand smacked him. “I’ll finish that when everyone else has had their turn, Bad’s boy.”

“If you ask me real fucking nicely, Jerome,” Bad growled. He jerked Red up by his neck and pushed him, keeping a secure hand around his tricep. “Knees, Red.”

But it wasn’t quite enough for them to watch him fuck someone. Silky was the one who suggested the rope, and Bad was only too fucking happy to oblige, pressing Red in as deep as he could go, then binding them together at the chest and thighs until Red and the nameless man beneath him were a unit, attached at Tab A and Slot B.

And god, having his dick in someone? Red tensed all his muscles, trying with a limited range of motion to give the guy a good fuck, knees pressed into some kind of mat on the floor, not able to completely get leverage.

Not that he should have worried.

“So pretty and pale,” Ortiz said, caressing Red’s leg. “Don’t you ever let this thing tan?”

“You mean get skin cancer? No, Ortiz. But there are other ways of getting a little color on him.”

Red loved being flogged, but he had to admit—being flogged while bound to a guy he was fucking had an edge on the usual. He yelped with every hit, and jolted into the guy, who also yelped. When Bad moved on to giving his friends a show of ball torture, Red tried not to scream too fucking loudly, but fuck, to say he was a little over-sensitized at the moment was a fucking understatement.

“How much of my hand do you think your boy could take, Bad?” Ortiz asked, and Red would have sworn the man beneath him went stiff.

“Some things just have to be tested out,” Bad said, and he sounded good, he sounded fucking relaxed, he sounded sexy as hell.

“Shit, Ortiz, you sure you want to do that? I think your boy’s jealous.”

“You jealous, boy?” Ortiz was fucking close now, by their faces.

The boy shook his head. At least, Red thought he did.

Slap. “Because Daddy can fuck whoever he wants, isn’t that right, boy?”

That chirp-bark again.

“Mike, why don’t you come over here and let my boy hoover your asshole? He needs a distraction.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice.”

Red rode over the top of the stranger-boy’s positioning, and the guy was fucking strong, because he just shifted Red’s body on his like it was nothing. And the sounds he made, licking Mike’s ass? God, Red’s dick wanted to move, wanted to fuck, wanted to do a lot more than it could do, tied in place.

The snap of rubber. Gloves.

“Let’s see what we can do with this tight, tight little hole,” Ortiz said.

Red lost time while Ortiz fucked fingers into him, more fingers than anyone could actually have, stretching him open. He’d felt a little bad for mystery guy at first (he’d fucking hate it if Bad ever talked to him like that), but eventually he could no longer think about anything but the pressure in his ass and the pressure on his dick.

“That’s enough, Ortiz. He’s gonna come while I’m fucking him this time.”

Bad. Please.

“Hell, I didn’t even get my whole hand inside.”

“That’s a fuckin’ sob story,” Bad said, and started working on his knots.

Mystery guy kept doing whatever he was doing to Mike, even when Red pulled out.

“C’mere, boy,” Bad said, voice lower this time.

This felt a little weird, for a second. They’d talked about having sex in front of people, but never done it. Then again, from the grunts in the room it sounded like everyone was occupied.

“Right here. Got a nice strong chair so I can spread you wide, Little Red.”

An armchair, maybe, like the one in Bad’s living room. Bad sat back on it and guided Red down backwards, entering him at the same time so they were fucking but Red was facing out.

If he didn’t have the blindfold, he’d be able to see all of them. He’d be able to see what they were doing, and how they looked when they saw what he was doing.

He gave thanks for the blindfold. Because: shit.

“There, boy,” Bad said, doing some kind of flexible thing with his hip joints that meant he could put his feet on the chair and pump up into Red, all while keeping Red’s legs wide so he could play with his dick and balls. “Yeah, Red, you’re missing a hell of a party. Ortiz and Silky are trying to double-fuck Ortiz’s boy now, it’s fuckin’ wild. You think you’d like that, Red? Two cocks at once in your greedy little hole?”

Red leaned back, arching up.

“Mm, I’d like to see that. I like it when you’re so far gone you can’t fucking think.”

The fist around his balls started squeezing in a rhythm as Bad fucked him, and Red, skewered and helpless, whimpered.

“May I?”

Fuck. Jerome again. But this time, balls-deep in Red, Bad didn’t sound all that annoyed.

“You get some moves since we last played, Jerome?”

“You tell me, Bad.”

“Go ahead, then.”

Caught between the hotness of two men touching him at once, and the potential mess of some guy Bad disliked making him come, Red tried to stay still and unfeeling. Which, yeah, lasted all of five seconds.

Jerome fucking chewed on his balls.

Tears sprung to Red’s eyes and he tried to close his legs, but Bad’s knees still held him open.

“Well shit,” Bad said, fingers jacking Red’s dick, keeping it out of the way. “Keep going, Jerome.”

NO, no, no, no, don’t keep going, Jerome, fuck off—

Jerome’s tongue moved down to Red’s taint, then lower, and he had to be licking Bad’s dick as Bad fucked him now, which was insane, and Bad sure as fuck wasn’t complaining. In fact, Bad was reaching, compressing Red’s body even more.

“Nice try. Get that back where I told you to put it.”

“Can’t blame me, can you?” Jerome returned to Red’s balls, and sucked on one while he pinched and pulled the other.

“Better, Jerome.” Bad fucked in short, deep strokes and tugged on Red’s dick faster.

“Can he take a little slap and tickle?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

Jerome huffed hot breath against Red’s damp skin. “Can he take it from me, Bad? Try not to be a dickhead.”

And oh, yeah, Bad forcing his head to the side for a kiss, oh fucking please, yes.

“He can take it from you, Jerome. In fact, he’s gonna come right now while you hit him in the nuts, aren’t you, Little Red?”

“Yes, sir,” Red panted. “Please—”

Bad seated himself as far back as he could go and pulled up on Red’s legs, leaving him open and vulnerable. Red shuddered.

“Fuck, Bad, he’s got a sweet way of shivering.” A hand locked around Red’s cock ring, toying with it for a second before getting a better hold.

Bad started jacking him again and when the first slap came, Red couldn’t even flinch that much because they were on him everywhere.

“Oh, good boy. Take it, boy, take it right there where you can’t fucking escape it.” Another tap with fingers, then another. Then a harder one, with more of the hand, and Red squirmed.

“Yeah, Red.” Bad gnawed on his neck. “I wish you could fucking watch this, baby. I like holding you open so he can do whatever the fuck he wants to hurt you.”

A vicious tug, like Jerome was trying to detach his balls from his body. Red cried out again and Bad’s fingers began playing with the head of his dick the way he liked, giving him all that fucking incredible sensation right here he needed it.

“Keep going, Jerome. Do it.”

“Yes sir,” Jerome said, in his breathiest gayest voice, and this time he hit Red’s balls without stopping.

Bad thrust up into him, maybe unconsciously, and it was impossible, it was all insane and fucked up and overwhelming, because Red wanted to fly out of his body, but they were holding him captive inside his skin, a prisoner of nerves that didn’t know pleasure from pain, and when Bad jacked him just right he started to come, which is when Jerome’s tongue showed up, flicking right against his tight, taut balls, over and over again.

Red might have actually screamed as he came. But if he did, it was a manly scream.

“Pretty, so pretty,” Jerome murmured. “You want a little love, Daddy?”

“No, Jerome. Tonight’s not for me.”

Daddy. Holy shit.

Bad’s legs lowered and he settled Red in his lap, dick still inside, but more comfortably now, like he was holding him.

“I believe our invitation is about to be revoked,” Jerome said, voice moving away. “Anyone who wants to continue is welcome at my place.”

“Shit, what the hell. It’s fuckin’ Saturday night, right? Mikey, you coming with?”

“I don’t know, Ortiz—”

“The boy likes you, come on.”

“I got work tomorrow, so I’m out.” That was Silky. A light touch, a kiss to Red’s cheek. “Nice party, boys. See you around.”

“Yeah, thanks for coming. So to speak.”

“Ha ha.”

A door opened. Noises. Sounds. Red, curled on Bad’s lap, balls throbbing a little, but only distantly, didn’t keep track except to think it would be nice if he didn’t have to walk out of here to the truck. Maybe if Bad was feeling sweet, he’d carry him.

“We should do this again,” Mike said, and ruffled his hair. “I’ll see you two around.”

“See ya,” Bad said. He went a little tense.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Bad’s boy.” Another kiss to Red’s cheek, but Jerome, unlike Silky, lingered. “It was nice meeting you.”

“Jerome! Jesus, you don’t know when to quit! Let’s go.”

“Goodbye, Charles.”

“Bye, Jerome.”

This time when the door closed, Red knew they were alone, even as he floated.

“We should—we should go—” He tried to rouse himself, but Bad pulled him back in.


He stopped, going perfectly still while Bad undid his blindfold.

Wait, what? They were in the living room. Their living room. Red tried to replay the last however-long it had been, and place it in their own house, but it was hard. The coffee table and couches had been cleared away, and Bad’s big mats were laid out on the floor, so that was probably where—where Ortiz’s boy had been—but—

He turned to Bad, who was watching him and smiling. “But—we’ve been here the whole time?”

“Yeah. I loaded you into the truck so the guys could set up. Thought you’d rather be here when it was over, than somewhere else. I was worried you’d figure it out, though.”

“No. No, I didn’t.” But god, that meant their bed was so fucking close. “Can we sleep now?”

“Yeah, Little Red. We can sleep.” Bad kissed him, holding him in place. “Happy Graduation, Little Red.”

Red struggled against a low burn of emotion. “Thank you. Thank you for all of this.”

“And I cleaned the garage.”

“Yeah.” Red kissed him again. “Thanks for that, too.”

“Come to bed, Red.”

And yeah, Bad carried him. All the way down the hall.

Red drifted to sleep with Bad wrapped around him.

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