So I released a book on Wednesday, and I haven’t been on this site since. It’s a weird thing. I was exhausted for a few days. As if I’d run a half-marathon, and each step was another word on the page.

That’s so dramatic. I’m always stunned by my toddler’s drama (where does she get it?), but it turns out I’m a total drama queen, albeit in a rather quiet way. Which is good. Because who can read fiction with no drama, no conflict? Mm. Drama.

Whew, Hugh’s New Dude is out! And I’ll update the files in a few days with fricking typo-free versions, damn everything to hell, so if you’ve bought one and the scattered missed periods–and my total failure to correctly spell “maitre d'”–annoy the hell out of you, drop me a line (kris(AT) and let me know you’re terribly offended, and I’ll send you a fresh file. (Yep, this is based on the honor system. You could also drop me a line and pretend you’ve bought it, and I’ll still send you a file. But only between now and the end of March, yo.)

Deepest thanks to intrepid proofreader Lucie for the error reports!

Expect site updates here and hopefully more engagement over Twitter, Tumblr, and GoodReads over the next little bit. (I have no friends on GoodReads. If you’re a GR person, take pity on a newbie, would you? I’m still trying to figure out the etiquette and general social mores over there.) I’m hoping the next Scientific Method story will hit the world in early April, with an accompanying free short here at the site. Time marches on!