So first off, have you read Roan’s book, In the Middle of Somewhere? Go do that.

Back? Sweet. The protagonist of ItMoS is a young professor called Daniel Mulligan. Roan and I, basically just playing around on Facebook one night, were like, “Wouldn’t it be fun to watch a movie and tweet like Daniel and Hugh?”

Then, after a pause, we were like, “NO, BUT SERIOUSLY, THOUGH.”

Then Roan made this amazing conference schedule for the boys:
Conference schedule!


Then, I recorded this video, because I’m nuts. Apparently it’s a good one. People also like my eyebrows. Um. *doesn’t know what the fuck to say to that*


Ripper’s Rambles, #37, in which I get goofy about our playdate.

And then we like…did it. So if you’ve read ItMoS and any of the Scientific Method books, you might enjoy our shenanigans. Honestly, if you’ve only read one of those things, or you just enjoy shenanigans, you might want to take a peek.

For what it’s worth, the movie we watched is Center Stage. You can always rent that business and watch along at home! Though it…is not a good dance movie. But it is entertaining as long as you pretty much turn off your critical thinking skills. Or read along with our live-tweeting of it.