Podcast #010: Procrastination Central!

Hello! I should be doing things other than learning how to use Audacity. But I'm not! If this is too quiet, let me know. I amplified it, but I can always amplify it again. It's about nine minutes long, so if you want to hear me yammer on, please do! At one point I say "twenty thousand pages" when I mean "twenty thousand words." You know what I mean. Voila!

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Whoa, Podcast?

So loads of folks are doing these great walking podcasts--Lindsay Buroker is where I first saw it, but Dave Wright and Nathan Lowell and all these other awesome folks are also taking part. And I've never seriously considered podcasting because I don't have fancy equipment (you know, like a microphone: faaaaaaancy), but I love the sense of connection I get from listening to people's actual voices. Mur Lafferty? Come the fuck on. I could listen to Mighty Mur talk for hours. In fact, I have listened to her talk for hours. Not everyone is suited to talking. I would be

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