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A Decent Shirt (SFW) (Also: short)

Roughly a million years ago I wrote what was then the...second draft of what is now Catalysts. Early last year I wrote "The Housewarming Party", which starts with a few Derries and Singer Thurman in a car, on their way to Will and Adam's new house. The following exchange takes place between Jeremy, struggling to reconcile the Will he thought he knew with the grown man, and Singer, who knew more than he'd ever let on: “It’s not like Will said he’s gay. It’s like he just—has this whole side of his life that no one even fucking mentioned to me.

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Portrait of the scribbler…

I'm sitting in my brother's living room right now while the kid watches Fireman Sam. And not the old Welsh version. This is some kind of dubbed-but-with-actors-trying-to-match-Welsh-speech-patterns new Fireman Sam that just hit Amazon. It kills me. The original version was moralistic and annoying; the new version is moralistic and wrong.  But at least it's not Caillou. Shit could always be worse. I have, in another tab, the playlist for the book I'm writing. (Oh, interested? I keep thinking about doing a post about this book and...not. Playlist here.) It's on Madonna's "Like a Prayer" right now. The book, for future reference, is Queers of La Vista

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Catalysts Blog Tour of Goodness!

I am embarking on a blog tour for the Catalysts release! WHOOO HOO! I've never gone on a blog tour before. My bags are all packed, my power cords are neatly wrapped, and I'm departing in a few days. Let me tell you where I'll be so you can stop in and say hello! (Links will go live when the posts go up.) You should check out all these places for a Catalysts giveaway! (And if you've already got Catalysts and you win, you can request a different book from my catalogue!) On Monday, 12th October, I'll be stopping by Mama's Dirty Little Reads to pass

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Catalysts, An Excerpt

There once was a book called The Scientific Method. Then there was a second book, which was called Hugh's New Dude. Now there is a single book, which tells the story of three men, and how they came to form their unique take on a committed relationship. This is Catalysts. I made a rambling video where I talk about deciding to take this project on and why I feel it sets up the series better than either TSM or HND alone ever could. (I have no idea if it's coherent; I don't watch my videos so as to maintain the precious illusion that

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