We Need a TARDIS (SFW)

I made a super ragey video about the election. Which I was encouraged to post. And also encouraged not to post. Then I wrote this instead, because fiction is always a better place for my rage. Also, Gwen in H2 on Facebook was reading Gays of Our Lives and a few of us were like, "Ha ha ha, Emerson's response to the election would be amazing." So here it is. This is not a polished, pristine story. This is working art, the kind of thing you make because you have a place for it, and maybe it ain't beautiful, but it serves

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Bumped (SFW)

For Lalexander. Arriving home with Will along was a rare, and somewhat giddy pleasure. Truman found himself grinning as he listened to Will delightedly describe the special he planned to order at the restaurant. “Capers! God, I love capers so much, I swear. Is that weird? They’re just, like—“” Will leaned his head back as Truman activated the garage door to close behind them. He sighed dramatically. “Capers. So fucking good.” “I like capers,” Truman said, making his voice as neutral as possible. “You like capers? You LIKE them? What the hell? You can’t just like capers. You don’t understand

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Desserts (SFW)

When I miss my deadline for the horror anthology, you can all blame Wendy. Because this. I haven't edited. I haven't even read it. I definitely shouldn't have written it. Video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h39LLeZOAwU Nick opened the email. A link to YouTube. With Minute 4:00. Trust me. —Ads at the bottom. “What the hell?” Cautiously, after muting the volume, he clicked. “Seriously, Ads, what the hell?” He pulled out his phone and texted, Wth? Did you watch? I thought it was gonna be porn. Which at least made sense. Why am I watching two guys make dessert right now?

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Cuddling (SFW)

This is for the lovely Nadine, who wanted to see Jem and Mac cuddling at home after a tough shift. It takes place directly after Training with the Professor in the Erotic Gym series. If you’re reading this between 4 April and 6 June, 2016, you can read all of these stories for free in Ripper’s Irregulars on Facebook. Come hang out! This story was written for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. Mac was still thinking about Lupe when he walked into the house. He wasn’t surprised to see the light on

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This… (NSFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over at JustLoveRomance.com for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Lucy and Beccs together. You know. Together. Ahem. For the record, this is not my fault. You can send all of your hate mail to El, who might be more of a sadist than I am. (Okay, obviously not, but this was so her idea. I just happened to find it irresistibly delightful…) Enjoy! Beccs knew—had always

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Permission (SFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by V for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. V wanted to see Nick and Bernie negotiate people. Or possibly Jase. Enjoy! Bernie was waiting, expectantly, in their room. He gave Nick a look as he dried his hair. “What?” “So. Jase.” Nick’s eyes narrowed. “Jase, yeah. All hard muscles and undisclosed need. Good guy, though.” “Is that all?” “Is what all?” There was no point in talking, so Bernie didn’t

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The Wedding (NSFW)

In which Ortiz and Butch get married. With, naturally, a little bachelor party support from Red and Bad. Despite the presence of reliable troublemakers, this is not a lighthearted story. It’s mostly about loss, grief, hope, and love. For Wendy and Matt. Featured image is “193a.AIDS.Quilt.Display.GWMG.WDC.22July2012” by Elvert Barnes on Flickr, used under Creative Commons 2.0. (There’s a whole series of this particular day, so do check it out if you’re looking for more NAMES Quilt photos.) They’d split the bachelor party up into two sections. Butch spent the early section not drinking and being on normal behavior for Julio’s

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Traditions (SFW)

The lovely Nadine has been requesting this one for at least six months. Hugh doesn’t do Christmas. Or maybe he does. Excellent featured image is “Charlie Brown Christmas” by frankieleon on Flickr, used under Creative Commons License 2.0. The tree was small. Truman hadn’t asked, of course. He wouldn’t ask. All Hugh had said was, “I haven’t really celebrated Christmas since my mother died.” It wasn’t meant to be…censure. It wasn’t meant to be a signal he never intended to celebrate Christmas again. So he’d found himself wandering through the trees in the parking lot at Rite Aid, thinking about

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The Label Maker (SFW)

This is all M.M. Florin’s fault… This is what happens when Hugh gets a label maker. And his men steal it for nefarious purposes. Despite that build-up, it’s totally safe for work; all the sexy bits I leave to your imagination. (As I’ve just scribbled this on a whim, I’m likely missing the typos I’ll see the next time I read it down the line. Feel free to point them out if you like.) In other notes, the meme above can be found here. Wedding planning and more wedding planning. Will sighed and stretched his back, gathering up the notebooks,

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Happy Birthday, Mr Jennings (NSFW)

Happy birthday, AJ Cousins! It’s Truman’s 40th (in November 2015, technically). Hugh decides, finally, to upgrade his phone–at the urging of his husband and boyfriend. When I tossed this idea out there months ago and asked you lot what apps everyone would suggest for him, this is what y’all came up with. Enjoy! The first text message Hugh received on his new phone wasn’t a message at all. It was a picture. Of Will. Specifically, of Will’s cock, somewhat in shadow, camera pointed down, framed by his shorts pulled out from his body, one hand brightly gleaming under the stark