NEW COVER REVEAL: Unexpected Gifts!

Man, you guys, I love AngstyG so much. That broad can design a feckin' cover. You should totally not hire her for all the things, because SHE'S MINE, ALL MINE. Humph. Fine. Probably you should hire her for all the things. Because she's amazing. Behold the awesome: That's it. This whole post is just so I can pet the pretty cover. *pets*

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  • The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man cover

DRitC Cover Reveal!

All right, you lot. I'm still tinkering, but so far this is what we're looking at. (It should be ginormous and load above this.) Dig that title: The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man. Ugh! Seriously, though, it's a menage fic, man. What're you gonna do? (Or...the title's a spoiler. Fuck it. I can't sweat that shit.) I'd toss the description up for you, but if I open Scrivener right now while the Gimp's open, the Macbook's going to explode. I'll post it later. For now: feast on cover!

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  • Fairy Tales Cover

Cover Reveal: Fairy Tales!

Without further ado: the cover! Um. Above. Because that's how Wordpress loads featured images. [Cough, cough.] Time totally got away from me--this was supposed to go out last week! In any case, the book page will be up in the next day or two and you lot who like getting a book early will be able to buy Fairy Tales here on the site on Monday; it'll be available everywhere on Thursday! (My task list reads thusly: COVER REVEAL: last week Feb. BOOK PAGE UP: first week Mar. February, where the hell did you go?) ETA: oh my god, that's

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Cover Reveal: Home Free!

Okay, y'all, I sweated this puppy, but let me say this--I'm weirdly pleased with how it turned out. The issue is branding. The lovely cover artist who did the Going Home cover doesn't necessarily have time to do three more covers for me in the next month (I know, it's weird that people have lives other than designing for my verbose-ass muse!). So here we are, and I ended up doing Home Free all by myself. Well. Me and a million and a half YouTube videos. My deep thanks to the Gimp tutorial makers of the world! All that aside, behold: D and

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