Did I…fail to mention new covers?

So like...I may have failed to draw your attention to the new SMU covers that occurred a month or so ago. AND THEY ARE AMAZEBALLS. Just in case you've missed any of them, I'm gonna load all five re-covers right here so you can oooooooh and ahhhhhh with me.

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Math and Henry: The Photo Search

Each time I design a cover, I enjoy the process slightly more. Or maybe hate it slightly less. I definitely dread it slightly less (with a few exceptions; that Surrender the Past cover got to me, and still gets to me, even though it basically looks the way I expected it to). I'm not as emotionally entangled with Math and Henry as I am with most of my characters--yet--so this is a little less fraught. These two fellows do it for me a bit: If I was using this photo, the fella in the back would be Math (Math's got broad shoulders

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The Nick and Bernie Cover…

...To be revealed sometime next week? Guys? This cover is kicking my ass. For one, there are limited black-men-in-their-thirties stock photos. Not, like, extremely limited, but they aren't the easiest thing to track. The one I like best (the guy I used as a model for Bern when I was writing) doesn't have a damn thing I can use for this cover. I dig the pic I ended up with, because the pose is kind of perfect, and also, he has a hat. (Bernie doesn't wear a hat as a general rule, but he appreciates hats. All of my favorite "Bernies" had

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