A Friendly Intervention (SFW)

This story is a crossover between Queers of La Vista and the Scientific Method Universe. It contains mad spoilers for QLV #1-4, so do not read it if you haven’t read those. Do not. **If you're reading this the week it posts, the first book in the series, Gays of Our Lives, is currently ninety-nine cents, so go pick it up!** What’re you still doing here? Did you read QLV? DID YOU? I don’t care how much you love Hugh Reynolds, don’t read this story. *narrows eyes* Did you hear me say SPOILERS? …Did you? Spoilers. Stop now! Unless you’ve read

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An Impromptu Lesson (NSFW)

This takes place after the close of The New Born Year in the Scientific Method Universe, and after the close of Little Red and the Big Bad, but before the second season. (Oh. Yes. There will be a second season/serial/something.) For General Wendy. Who read Little Red and the Big Bad and said, “What if Hugh and Truman stumbled into Red and Bad on campus, mid-scene?” Part two is here. The mop flogger didn’t feel right. Red didn’t know what the hell was up with Bad, but whatever it was, it was about the stupid mop flogger. Which was dumb for a couple of reasons, most of which