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Happy Birthday, Mr Jennings (NSFW)

Happy birthday, AJ Cousins! It’s Truman’s 40th (in November 2015, technically). Hugh decides, finally, to upgrade his phone–at the urging of his husband and boyfriend. When I tossed this idea out there months ago and asked you lot what apps everyone would suggest for him, this is what y’all came up with. Enjoy! The first text message Hugh received on his new phone wasn’t a message at all. It was a picture. Of Will. Specifically, of Will’s cock, somewhat in shadow, camera pointed down, framed by his shorts pulled out from his body, one hand brightly gleaming under the stark

Crowdsourced Fiction

For Truman's 40th birthday, Hugh finally caves in and buys a smartphone. Everyone chips in to show him what he can do with it. All right, y'all. I was lying in bed last night trying to think (and writing fiction in my head, which is what I do when I'm trying to sleep--and most of the rest of the time, too), and it occurred to me that this could be a fun group project. Truman's birthday is in November. That's when I plan to have this story out. Might be free, might be for money, don't know, don't care. Should