Starting HOLD TIGHT…

There's this moment at the beginning of a new book, when most of the book looks like this: That's Scrivener's full screen composition mode with a themed background. And a whole lot of blank documents. I've written books in a lot of different ways. I've written on a Smith Corona word processor (black background, orange type), I've written in Microsoft Works, and MS Word. I spent years writing in text documents because Word was a nightmare and since I was the only one who read my stories (often on my pre-smart phone), they didn't need to be formatted. Lately I've

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New Series! (CLASSIFIED SERIES.) Writerly stuff!

I'm about to start a new series. Well. I say that now. But it's geared toward traditional publishing, so if my agent sends me THERE IS NO WAY THAT COULD EVER SELL DON'T BOTHER WRITING IT feedback, I'll probably shelve it. But. I don't think she's gonna say that. I am so excited. I can't even. And it's a kind of goofy idea, really, but whatever, I'm stoked about it. And. Also. I'm being way more deliberate this time around. Let's talk process! The Old Way So basically I used to just write stuff. No outlines, no notes, no tracking anything.

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