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The release date is actually Wednesday, but I'm a fucking madman right now. I just tested the whole payments thing--like, to make sure you could use a credit card OR a Paypal account, and to ensure they sent you back to this site after, and actually give you the books--and it works. It works. I just bought my own book. From my website. That's so funny. The book's live here on the site and should be going live on the Amazon.everywhere sites over the next few hours. I'll upload everywhere else in the morning, so if you're buying from Kobo, iBooks,

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Okay, continuing with the–ahem–experimentation…

I'm gonna start selling some books here on the site. This may be a short-lived experiment, but let's chat for a minute about book buying. I buy a lot of books from Amazon. I like the Kindle app better than the Nook app, I don't have an iPhone, and I guess I've always just assumed Kobo didn't have an app (though now that I'm writing it, that seems silly). I should look into the Kobo app idea. I could stand to support Kobo. I don't sell in double digits over there, but they're real supportive of self-publishers. Like, they occasionally say

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