Origin Stories: Close to Home

It's all about Stan and Jean. Where the hell did those two come from and how did they so seamlessly take over this story? I think of Close to Home as the only straight story I've published (at the time of this writing, in January 2015, though I've got Maizy's HEA and the Ally book coming up in the next year, which will both be "straight" stories). When in fact, CTH has a hell of a lot of Maizy and Jean for a straight book. The central romance to CTH is Stan and Jean, and fuck, I love those guys. They are

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Origin Stories: Red and Bad

Oh, Red and Bad, Red and Bad. Little Red and the Big Bad didn't exactly start out as a story. It started out as one of the funny little tales I tell to myself while falling asleep, or out for a run, or--back when I lived in a place that had street lights--during nighttime walkabouts. First, though, I have to tell you a little bit about Lucy Martinez. I've got a lot of rules. One of which, dating back to my mid-teens, is that I'm not allowed to use "real" characters from "real" stories as fodder for my silly little musings. The real

Origin Stories: Home Free

I don't know how spoilery this will get, but consider yourself warned: here there may be spoilers. So people who review Going Home almost always mention D and Teddy. Often by name. And they either love them or hate them. (Whoa, the hate. And I'm not complaining. I'm in awe.) When I considered D and Teddy's arc, I felt a pretty serious responsibility. I don't consider myself an activist writer. Certainly writing is a form of activism, and it's one I sometimes engage in, but I'd definitely sacrifice all higher intentions for a good line or a moment of delicious plot tension. Still. Since

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An Impromptu Lesson, Part Two (also NSFW)

Part one is here. Truman waited until Hugh was in the shower back at the hotel. Then he called Will. “Please tell me you’re available for a phone call in fifteen minutes or so.” “Sure. We’re just fucking around rearranging the living room again.” “In private, Will.” A pause, while Will left the rest of his housemates (Truman could hear Adam say something and Molly laugh). “What happened?” “I won’t know until I listen to him tell you the story. He’s in the shower now, but he’ll call you when he’s out.” “’Course. He okay?” I won’t know until I

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Origin Stories: Take Three Breaths

Oh, Take Three Breaths. Here there will definitely be spoilers, yo. In some ways this story remains slightly off-kilter in terms of organization. It has three beats, three points of view. It should work just fine, but I find it off when I read it. Not in a way I want to fix. Just in a way I notice. And yet, perhaps more acutely than any other, this story is exactly what I want it to be. For a long time, this was the only book I'd ever written with a dedication. TTB is a love story about depression and the people who

Free Stuff!

I like free stuff. Mostly 'cause I'm cheap. (Also, I don't have enough in my budget line for books to buy what I burn through, but even if I had infinite funds, I'd be too cheap to fully fund my reading habit. I'm a cheap bastard.) I also love writing little bits here and there, revisiting old characters, playing with funky little side plots. I love reading that stuff when my favorite writers do it, and I love fuckin' writing it. So here we are. Stories A Whore in New York (NSFW; crossover between the Scientific Method Universe and The Ghost in

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Fun with Plugs (NSFW)

This delicious morsel was cut from the final-final Unexpected Gifts, but is far too sweet to leave on the editing room floor. If you’ve read the story, you’ll know the second you begin it that this bit lives at the end of the second part. If you have not read it (and really, why not?), these two delightful young kinksters are just beginning to figure out how they fit together. Explicit. From Unexpected Gifts: “A few weeks later Will went up to see the boyfriends, and Molly put her plan into action. She woke up long enough to say goodbye—among

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