Mac lingered outside the front door of the gym, smoking a cigarette and trying to look less like he was about to step inside a brothel. To work there. Having sex with people. For money. It shouldn’t really be that hard to project, since he didn’t usually spend his time waiting outside a brothel to have sex with people for money, but somehow he still felt like he was wearing a big neon sign on his forehead. He almost jumped out of his skin when the door pushed open. “Hey there. You must be the new guy. I’m Jem.” Jem

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Mac clocked out of the discount store for the last time a little after two o’clock. He had hours before the start of his first training shift on the floor, but he knew he’d get to The Gym early. He was way too keyed up not to. Plus, Jem was working a double today. Again. Mac detoured through Taco Bell and grabbed both of them lunch before heading over. It was a little frivolous to spend ahead of his paycheck, but the car had a full tank of gas and it seemed more important to find a way to thank

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The first thing that surprised Mac about weeks three and four of his training at The Gym was that it wasn’t the clients he had to worry about. “Man, I’m fucking dying here,” he panted, fighting the very real urge to vomit. “Don’t be a tiny little baby, Mac. You can do one more, and then I’ll let you cool down.” “I would kick your sorry ass right now. If I could breathe. Or see.” Travis laughed. Weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He was supposed to be doing cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but at this point he

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Excerpt: Kith & Kin

Prologue Singer 20 days before Miles In the middle of yet another incredibly loud debate, Singer Thurman’s doorbell rang. The familiar voices continued in predictable movements of attack and retreat as he rose from his chair and answered the door. For a second–half a second–he didn’t recognize the woman on the front porch. Until he did. “Lisa?” It was as if she were somehow insubstantial, as if this image of his sister, with the forbidding dark nimbus around each eye and shoulders rounded defensively, wavered over his mental picture of Lisa as he’d last seen her: self-assured and defiant, clothes

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Excerpt: Practice Makes Perfect!

THE ALLY AND PAUL BOOK AT LONG LAST! Yay! CHAPTER ONE Paul Sorensen eyed the bookstore from his parking spot and sighed. Because accessibility, as reported, was too much to ask. For the fifth time in the last hour he considered bagging out of the workshop. Except if he did that, Kamarla would never let him live it down. Signing up for the BDSM and Dating class was a last ditch effort to keep his friends from staging a long distance intervention. You need community, Paulie. And since you won’t find crip community for your brain (and well being) I’m

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As La Vista Turns: Excerpt

Chapter One I didn’t mean to kiss Dred. It was an accident. I was a little hungover after the wedding, and the sunlight was, like, glaring through my windshield, and when she got in the car I was happy to see her, so I kissed her. Okay, so “kiss Dred” wasn’t on my list of things to do, but it was an accident. And we were grown-ups. It was no big deal. Except for the way neither of us pulled back. Except for the way I really wanted to kiss her more. Except for the look in her eyes—all open

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One Life to Lose: Excerpt

Chapter One Three minutes until go time. I relaxed the death grip I had on my index cards and took another look at the computer screen currently showing four of the theater’s security cameras. The lobby was almost cleared out and the theater was almost full. I felt dizzy. I don’t experience anxiety as a jumpy heartbeat or damp palms. When I am most nervous, the color leeches out of the world, leaving me walking through a grainy black-and-white film. As a coping mechanism, it works well; I’m comfortable in that state, navigating the gray areas, finding a home between

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Ring in the True: Excerpt

Evan was surveying his utterly trashed work area when the unwelcome sound of his boss’s voice filtered in from outside. Laughter. Jason was laughing. That was probably good. Except it meant that Evan’s personal failure to get the remodel done by Christmas would soon be shared with more than just Jason. And Jason, really, would have been more than enough. The beach house’s front door opened. “Oi! Derwent!” Oh, god. Evan turned. “Hey, boss.” “The hell do you call all this?” “Sorry, I meant to get it done, and I thought maybe if I worked all through yesterday, but then

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The Queer and the Restless: Excerpt

Chapter One I sat in my chair on the day after the Fourth of July holiday, drinking coffee and staring at the wall. Since I didn’t have the energy to actually start writing, I switched the calendar over my desk to July: a picture of a massive cruise ship on a spectacularly blue sea with the wordsFind the destination of your heart in script below it. It was one of those times when I really wished I had darts. One in the hull of the ship. One in the benevolently shining sun. The rest in that perfect ocean, taunting me

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The Butch and the Beautiful: Excerpt

Chapter One I wasn’t hiding behind the topiary. People in suits this expensive don’t hide. I was trying to dodge Liz’s brother for the third time. He hadn’t caught me yet, but he eventually would, and I wanted to put that moment off as long as possible on this, the happiest day of Liz’s life. Or whatever. It probably would be the happiest day of her life. Liz had a sentimental streak the size of the Pacific. And she and Marla were deeply in love. Since Marla was only a little bit crazy, I was genuinely pleased for them, but

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