Gays of Our Lives: Excerpt

Chapter One In my fantasies, I’m always the big, strong guy, the guy who looks like he could totally kick your ass, so when he caresses you, it blows your mind. Yeah, picture me as that guy, with muscles that bulge (but not too much), and eyes that fuck you up from across the room. I sat in the back corner of the bar at Club Fred’s, dismantling a matchbook and watching Drag Night unfurl around me. I’d grabbed the stool closest to the wall, and because Fred’s was nothing if not quirky, there were about three inches between the

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Take the Leap: Excerpt

Neil sat in his car on the bypass and contemplated jumping. Again. He’d only allowed himself to come up here a few times over the last nine years, always in daylight. It was actually quite beautiful. New Halliday spread to either side of the highway, little hamlets here and there, a few larger buildings scattered throughout. The bypass had been built arching high over a little warren of twisting dirt roads and houses not necessarily hooked up to the grid right where the hills began to melt into the flats, and Neil was startled to realize he’d never really noticed

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Excerpt: Threshold of the Year!

Jase stepped off the plane and inhaled airport. Okay. So in all of his thoughts about how this would go, Terry was with him. Didn’t matter. Terry was gone. Terry had been gone for three weeks. Now Jase had to figure out how to break the whole thing to Truman without getting a lecture. Who was he kidding? He’d  be lucky if he only got one lecture. He strolled to checked bags and picked up his second bag, which could have counted as carry-on, but why would he bother carrying it if the airline would do it for him? While

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Excerpt: The Real Life Build!

Hey, so remember when the site died. For a month. Because host issues? Apparently one of the nuggets published during the window of no backups ("full backups" cannot be trusted) was the nifty audio excerpt I recorded. Also lost: the text excerpt. Presented for you now in one place, the first bit from The Real Life Build, in audio and text. This book should be read after Fairy Tales, and can be read either before or after The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man, which runs concurrently with very little crossover. Updated to add: I still can't find the audio track on my computer. Loud

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The New Born Year: Excerpt

Alison Jennings hit the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge going seventy-five and banging on her steering wheel. Seven thirty in the morning, the day after Christmas, and she was supposed to be getting ready to go to Astro’s mother’s house for their traditional Christmas breakfast. (Because everyone had different obligations on Christmas day, she’d told Ally at Thanksgiving, so it was just easier if she had it the next day. She’d grinned and added, “Plus, then you can just put your leftovers on fresh plates.”) But Astro had this funny look on his face when she’d come back from her shower. Which

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Extremes: Excerpt

Hugh sat across from his doctor and did math in his head. He sat on the chair reserved for guests (he hated sitting on the exam table) and did math in his head. She was looking at him, waiting for him to reply, but it hardly mattered. Mom was diagnosed when he was twenty. Grandfather when he was sixteen. Grandmother the first time when he was fourteen, but the cancer came back when Grandfather’s got bad. He’d been waiting for this moment for a long time. Somewhere between seventeen and twenty-three years, if his math was correct. “The chances are

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Fairy Tales: Excerpt

It was the body. Well, the ass. And the broad shoulders under that shirt weren’t hurting, either. It was the moves. Mr Shoulders wasn’t gonna be winning any prizes with his dancing, but Henry found his total, all-encompassing confidence magnetic. But in truth, it wasn’t any of those things. “How’s your brother?” Mr Shoulders called to the bartender, drawing Henry’s attention as well. “Not so good, Matt.” (Only it sounded like he called the guy “Math”, but that couldn’t be right.) “Man, I’m sorry to hear that. If you need anything, Bobby, let me know.” That. That right there pulled

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Surrender the Past: Excerpt

Tuesday morning. An ordinary Tuesday morning. The only thing different about today was the new yoga program starting, which was why Nick and Jo were clearing a space in what usually served as a storage room for a private class. (TransFabulous Yoga; not Nick’s idea, but Jo was so excited about it that he couldn’t exactly say no.) “I hope he does the candle thing, Nick. Did I tell you about the candle thing?” Only seven thousand times since it happened three weeks ago. “Tell me again,” he said. “So you get this candle, right? Everyone gets a candle. And

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Little Red and the Big Bad: Excerpt

Charles Campion, known to everyone but his mom as Bad, stretched back in his chair and checked the clock. Almost time. Five, maybe seven more minutes before the kid’s shift in the mail room. He checked the feeds for the rest of the cameras in the main campus building. (The “Hub”, as it was called, though the decorative domed roof in the center of the courtyard lent itself to nicknames like “The Clit” and “The Nipple” and “The Nub”.) The door at the bottom of the frame in camera three pushed open. Bad sat up. Not too tall, not too

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Red Comes Second: Excerpt

Red was fucking exhausted. His skin was shiny with pizza grease, he had flour caked in his nail beds, and his nose hairs were permanently stained with the smell of tomato sauce. He pulled up to the house and sat in his car a long moment. Just had to make it up to the door, that’s all. Then he could stand in the shower until Bad came in to drag him out. He fumbled his key into the lock and went inside, dropping his bag, dropping his keys, dropping his coat. A hand clamped down over his mouth and a

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